The price of apple tv 5 2017 is less than 200 dollar

It has been whispering for some days when the apple’s TV has been inaugurated. But in this issue valuable news we get from Mark Germane the officials of nine to five Mac.  About most of the time he discloses the news about the new product of apple. In his opinion customer wait some days to get apple TV. In October, it will be inaugurated and the price of apple tv 5 2017 is less than 200 dollar or more.
Technological based website mash ball reports that apple has not fixed the price of apple TV yet. But the probable price may be 149 to 199 dollar. But the problem is that the price of the apple TV is very high than STRIMMING BOX. The chrome caster price of Google is only 39 dollar. Even the third generation apple TV price is 69 dollar. In the starting the price was 99 dollar then after some days the price became 69 dollar. 
apple tv update
But the price is not high for the brand. It has been going ahead than other STRIMMING BOX. In this new TV will present WI-LIKE machine control as well as remote control that will perform as like as cirri integration. Even in this TV will present powerful A8 chip which has been used in upcoming IPHONE 6 and IPHONE 6S plus. 
According to nine to five Mac reports we know that the fourth generation TV of apple will longer and wider than the third generation TV. But there is no change in design. And apple is trying to keep plastic body so that device can reach easily in wireless signal. But the public are thinking mostly about the price of apple TV. But we think that apple will fix its price considering customer. As well as customer wait eagerly when this new TV will come in market. 

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