The range of Bluetooth is 10 meter but sometimes it can work 100 meter.

In terms of technology Bluetooth in known as wireless based protocol which is very familiar in mobile, desktop, laptop, PDA, digital camera, scanner, printer, headphone etc. The range of bluetooth is named on the basis of the king of Denmark herald Bluetooth. 

history of Bluetooth
History: In 1994 the Swedish company “Ericson” first invented Bluetooth technology. Then 1998 some group of companies are agreed to work with Bluetooth technology. This company created an organization whose name is Bluetooth special interest group (SIG). The main objective is that to work with Bluetooth technology. That means Bluetooth was not the specific company, many scientists related to this.
Speed of the Bluetooth: The speed of the version 1.2 is 1 megabits/sec. the speed of the Bluetooth 2.0 was 3 mbps. Now the speed of the Bluetooth 3.0 is more than 24 mbps which is used in smart phone. Bluetooth can be connected with 8 devices. The transmitter of Bluetooth changes 1600 times frequency in every sec. the sending signal power of Bluetooth is 1 mille-watt whereas the sending power of the phone is that 3 mille- watt.
• Class 3 radius – range 1 meter or 3 feet.
• Class 2 radius – range 10 meter or 33 feet. Generally used in mobile phone.
• Class 1 radius – range 100 meter or 300 feet. Generally used in industry.
To share data mobile to mobile Bluetooth is the easiest system. So Bluetooth is very familiar in modern age. Power is slightly used through this technology.

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