The unknown information about top tech companies 2017 & tech giant list

The great revolutionary change has come through the betterment task of some tech giants. Now we can use all advantages from our own house which are come by the top tech companies 2017 & tech giant list. In that reason present experts take those of the succeed entrepreneur and way detector as their ideology.
We are the general people always think about how was their childhood? How are they looking at the young stage? From The co-founder of apple Steve jobs and Steve Wazneak to the founder of bill gates and STEVE BOLLMAR all were brought a great revolution in technology.
tech giant

> The CEO of apple named Steve Jobs passed his school life at Cupertino, California. There Steve jobs became familiar with Steve WAZNEAK. Both of these have a great attraction for technology and computer. At last these two people create a great company called apple. Both of these try their level best to go ahead and to reach at the highest point of success and at last they can do it. Now the world’s most of the countries use the product of apple. Most of the user like apple’s product because of security and design. Every day apple brings new product in market to attract customer.

> On the other hand the co-founder of Microsoft called Bill Gates passed his childhood at SEAWALL, Washington. There he was got a chance to continue his study from a famous school. Where Bill Gates got a chance to use computer. Then Bill Gates went to Harvard and there he found Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975.  Now Microsoft has become the largest tech company in the world. Bill Gates is very conscious about his time. He doesn’t spend his time to discuss his officials whom he knows very well. The character of bill gates is very miracle. He envies them who have a lot of time to sleep.
> At present with the lead of apple’s CEO called Tim cook the great tech company apple is running. The CEO of apple TIM COOK was born in Alabama. There he completed his high school study from Robertsdale high school. After the completion of study ORBAN and duke and passing 13 years at IBM, he joined apple in 1998. All his whole life tries heart and soul to reach the highest point and he succeeded.
> Who doesn’t know about the greatest online market called Amazon? This Amazon was founded by the JEFF BEZOS. JEFF BEZOS was born in ALBUKERKY, Mexico. But he passed his school life at Florida. He was studied in palmetto senior school. Then he completed his study from university of Florida and Princeton. JEFF BEZOS established Amazon in 1994. Now it the world’s largest online market. Most of the consumers prefer it.
> The technological device producing organization called dell and the founder of dell and CEO of the dell is Michel dell was born in HUESTONE, Texas. There he was studying in HARROD alimentary school and memorial high school. During the study of university of Texas he sold the upgrade of dell and then in 1984 Michel dell founded dell computer. Now dell is used by most of the user. So we can say that the contribution of dell is huge to create such kind of company.
 In our daily life getting and sending email bears a great importance as well as it is the medium of communication. At present among the greater usage of email service yahoo is one of them. The ex-CEO of yahoo was born in Taiwan. But passed his childhood at SEN JOES, California. There he studied was CIERAMONT high school and piedmont hills high school. When he was studied at Stamford then he was familiar with David fellow. In 1994 both of these creates yahoo. At present yahoo is familiar to all. Most of the users use this site. The feature of yahoo is very constructive.

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