Recently Sony has been declared to market a new phone for SELFIE. Sony XPERIA M5 and phone of sony xperia C5 ultra, these two phones specially prepared for SELFIE.
The mash bill said to us that these two phones are 13 mega pixel front cameras which are especially prepared by Sony.  In Sony XPERIA C5 the main camera is also 13 mega pixel as well as attached 22 Mimi wide angle lenses. This mobile facilitates the user to capture full HD video and as well as high resolution picture. 
Without logging all types of multimedia files can be used in this mobile and this mobile have 6 inches display and 1920×1080 pixels. This mobile is operated by 1.7 GIGA hertz OCTA core processor and 2 GB ram. This mobile has allotted 16 GIGA byte memory space as well as 200 GIGABYTE external micro SD memory card. This mobile facilitates the user to use the mobile long time and the battery space of the mobile is 2930 MILI AMPHIRE hour. This mobile is very stylish design and only 0.32 inch thick of this mobile is very thin. On the other hand Sony XPERIA M5 has 21.5 mega pixel cameras. Sony already considered this mobile is very popular to pick the picture as well as this mobile has image stabilizing and the video capture power of 4k resolution.  The size of this smart phone is 5 inches and it is going ahead from Sony XPERIA C5. This mobile provides 3 GIGABYTE RAM and 15 GIGABYTE ROM (The external memory of this mobile up to 200 gigabyte) and the processor of this mobile is 2.0 GIGA hertz OCTA core processor. The capacity of the battery of this mobile is 2600 MILI AMPIRE hour. But Sony XPERIA C5 has the ability to protect from water and dirt. As a operating both of these phones have been used to the latest version of the android 5.0. The first marginal of this year Sony will not operate its’ business properly. About 20 corers of US dollar they already have been counted. In the last of this year Sony wants to gain profit through releasing Sony XPERIA C5 and Sony XPERIA M5.

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