The instagram user count is now at 40 corers

Day by day INSTAGRAM has been familiar. One year ago INSTAGRAM announced that the user of the instagram user count had been 30 corers. Last December they announced about their user. Now the user of INSTAGRAM is at 40 corers.
Day by day the user of INSTAGRAM has been increasing. It has been seen as a positive sign by the INSTAGRAM authority. They are very astonished to see this because they can’t believe that within very short time the user of the INSTAGRAM has been reached at the leading position. Though it is very low than the social network user but the INSTAGRAM authority see it as a satisfactory level. That means about 40 corers user have been using photo sharing app. The user of photo sharing app daily uploads 8 corers picture. It is very miracle news for all that the users of INSTAGRAM daily upload 8 corers picture. This news has informed us the information and technology based website MASHABLE. From the site of INSTAGRAM we know that among these 10 corers users most of the users are from the outside of the United States. Because of these huge population the users of INSTAGRAM has been increasing day by day. From the outside of the United States the users of the INSTAGRAM are about 75%. In this cause within the 18 months the users of the INSTAGRAM are two times. In March 2014, the users of the INSTAGRAM was 20 corers. But relative to the INSTAGRAM the micro-blogging website twitter is leg behind than the INSTAGRAM. In this year the users of the twitter have been reached at 30 corers user.
INSTAGRAM announces that the new 10 corers users are from the Europe and the Asian countries. Among the users the users are Brazil, Japan and Indonesia country. In 2012 INSTAGRAM has been purchased by Facebook. After the years this social media market is getting advertisement. The market researcher organization e-marketer says that in this year INSTAGRAM will earn 60 corers dollar.

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