The very beginning seo of the chain

You could come to the question of how the pages indexed by Google? Well, so much so beginning seo how the website indexed by Google? Posted at times when the course is able to understand.
Works mainly divided into Google search –
1. Googlebot
2. Indexer
3. Query Processor
Now to learn more about these tasks.
1. Googlebot: Googlebot collect pages from the Web server and browser pages collect the live preview pages from the request sent to the store and keep it. While much of the together computers can send requests quickly to several thousand pages. Googlebot mainly two ways to collect new URL. this is the submit page.
Web Crawling – Google bot a collection of pages in the links on this page when it is added to the list of crawling.In this manner, with a link to a list of numerous times. But Google bot skip the Web in the shortest time in order to make the system cover. This is called Deep Crawling. How quickly change to any of the pages of the major responsibility of Google bot. Just in this case it’s most important to keep the database updated.
2. Google Indexer: Google indexers job of crawling the pages relative. Full text search by alphabet. It is a term that has been modified and saved the pages periods are excluded. If more than one space, the English upper case letters instead of lowercase letters are changed.
3. Google Query Processor: It’s the last part.This is the result of our search processing. QueryProcessor has some parts. The user interface, query engine, results, etc. format.

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