The way to setup twitter profile.

Social media marketing plays an important at present world. In every moment billion of the users enter social media site. Now twitter creates a great place for the business organization. It may be short or long term. Social media is the best platform for marketing. I think that in modern science and technology online based marketing is the best for promoting business. Do you want to promote your business in twitter effectively? But you don’t know how to setup twitter for marketing your business. In this article I show you how to open an account in twitter for business.
It is very easy to sign up in twitter. To make sign up go to and needs your name, e-mail id and password for twitter. Then asked you to give username and you should remember this step because the name which you used in twitter, show in every tweet which number of twit you share. So twitter name always small, specific and easily remind able.
Most of the name in twitter is little. Anyone can easily remind your name during re-twitting your twit. The limitation of username in twitter must be 15 characters. If you name is larger than 15 characters then you must use abbreviation form to sign up in tweet. If you want to promote or brand your business then it will better to open an account according to your business name. Go to and check for which social media account your brand name is evacuated. Now click create my account. Skip the next page because this page contains which people you follow. It is unnecessary task. Twitter will not give you the skip option directly. You go to your address bar and write then you can stop this step easily. A verification code go to your e-mail and open your e-mail and click the verify link. At the end verify your account and accomplish your sign up process.
 Accomplishing sign up and verification, your main task is to write biography in twitter. You must write biography in 160 characters. It is unnecessary task to fill up your biography with unnecessary writing. Depending on your biography a user decides whether to follow you or not.
To update biography in twitter, click the icon of navigation panel of search box and select setting. Now click profile from the right side bar. Write biography in your bio box. The bio may be:
1. Write some exceptional that attract user. A creative profile biography get 1o times follower than non-creative biography. The main fact to get follower in twitter is to creative biography. You can change your biography any time.
2. Write such type of thing that you can be done or done your buyer before. How you can help them write something about this in your bio.
3. Don’t discuss about political thinking and religious ritual in your profile.
4. In twitter biography is searchable. Keep keyword according to your experience so that anyone can find you. Such as: freelancer, web developer and blogger.
5. It is anxious for you how you can write bio. Go to the search box of twitter and search through your keyword then you will get a lot of bio. But be careful don’t copy bio from others. You can generate idea or follow style.
6. Highlight your personality. Prove your prudence and excellence. Make funny to create your in jolly environment. According to your work style, your business or your buyer, you must change your bio.
It is steps to set up your profile in twitter. I think that twitter will go ahead in future. In computer technology twitter plays an important role.

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