The wonderful technology blessing as well as detrimental to us

We are all take technology as a blessing and will take as a blessing in future. But as like as others technology has some side effects. For different diseases we take medicine and we feel better after taking medicine but for the side effect of the medicine we are attacked by other disease. from the starting of tech tunes we talk about only the betterment of technology.
But as well as betterment of the technology we also call in detrimental for us. Today I am discussing to about the good side and as well as bad side of technology. But the objective of my tune is not to you technology less. I want overcome the problems; you can proper use of the possibilities. Always problems are attached with possibilities. So let’s go how technology harms us.
Disconnect socially:
Most of the people are not social than others. Some are may be psychological and others we are creating individually. Science – technology has become shorter our world. Lacking of social we are losing to communicate with others.
Excessive fat:
We are passing after hour after by seeing video in YouTube or playing game in PC or mobile, and facebooking. Any type of exercise we are not taking. As a result we are fatty day by day.
Creating depression:
At present it is the most common word. With depression the term of social media is automatically come. Because in twitter or Facebook most of the user give depression type status. That’s why for the psychologist depression is the new research issue.
Sleeping in unusual time: 
Online activity or Facebook easily passing the time. You can’t observe when the time has passed. Time has gone for sleeping. After days in office or class you may feel some illness.
Social security:
Your every like, information, status or others that you share go to other public easily. Now a day anyone can know where you will stay before two minutes. As a result, your secret has become public day by day.
The attractiveness in adult content:
The source of adult contents or 18+ video is that internet. Now it is very easy to get porn video in internet. As a result it plays a negative impact on adults. In developed countries there are many rules and regulations for adult site but in third world countries there are no rules and regulations. 

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