The largest solar power plant in the world & largest solar farm in the world

To spread the largest solar power plant in the world all sectors many big sizes of power plant have been built through modernize of the power, through which power can be distributed in all sector. To keep the continuous process of whole power management by using atomic energy most of the developed countries starting to produce power.
By the using of atomic energy huge amount of power has been produced and distributed this power in whole area. But using atomic energy to and then produce the power is threat for environment. Most of the developed countries are trying to produce power through solar power. The developed countries provide all concentration on producing power through solar energy. As a part of this project most of the developed countries build in solar power plant.
five largest solar energy project
In the OLMEDILLA photo VOLTIC Park, there are more than 1, 62,000 photo VOLTICpanels have been attached to produce power so that it can distribute the power more than 60 megawatt. To build this plant takes 15 months and the cost to build this plant was 530 million dollar. This power is as usual than the present power plant. The usage solar panel is made up of silicon. It is very costly because of the solar panel is made of silicon.
This power station can supply 50 megawatt power in whole. This power plant produces the power in every year that the 39 thousands of the family have been consumed. Theoretically this power plant emits 84 thousands of ton carbon-di-oxide and in 25 years it will emit 2.1 million carbon-di-oxide.
To build this plant took 13 months and the plant was built in 2008 and in Portugal the same power plant was being produced. To build this power plant they need 250 million euro. The ability to produce the power of this power plant is 46 megawatt and 3, 76,000 panels have been used in this power plant. The other power plant which is 32 megawatt based and carries 90,000 solar panels. In 10 megawatt power based power plant has been used 52,000 solar panels. To build this power plant needs 320 acres land.
This power plant is able to produce the power 34 giga watt in every hour through which it is possible to supply the power in 12,000 families. This power plant is able to defend 3, 75,000 carbon-di-oxide in every year. To build this plant needs 70 hectors land and used 1, 72,000 solar panels. The estimated cost to build this plant is 180 corers euro.
It is world’s biggest solar power plant. It has been built in the eastern part of the Germany. In this power plant has been used thin film technology. In this power plant about 1, 50,000 solar thin film module has been used that is able to supply 40,000 megawatt power. The estimated cost of this power is 130 million euro.

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