The world’s most little computer

Once upon a time the size of the computer was very big as like as a whole house. But at present the size of the computer getting little. Computer is now at the equal of a one-millimeter cube. The researcher of the Michigan university is preparing the computer which known as Micro Mot. About more the one decade the researcher of the computer science department is able to make this computer. At present in whole products, the internet of things is related closely. As a result the computer preparing team create of Michigan university prepares little size computer. This computer may use in industrial and medical science.
Dag Sparser, the senior curator of the California computer history museum tells about the internet of things. He says that ITO provides which type of idea about the world where every familiar product has become intellectuality. One day a general network circuit will create among the product through which product can communicate each other.
The functions of the micro mot computer are to measure temperature and stress as well as it clicks the picture. This computer also performs in the human body to measure blood pressure through injection. In oil industries this computer also use. Using this computer researcher can invent a new source of oil as well as key, wallet and others which things are not found, this computer will help to find them. Researcher says that to become more effective, they perform about the battery of the computer. In this computer have no keyboard, display and mouse. This computer depends on programming and charging system. Processing the data, this computer sends the information in the central computer through radio frequency.

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