There are some excellent features of the IPHONE

Today we know about some features of IPHONE. I am sure that most of the users don’t know about these features. Although they know about these, they never used it. But the funny issue is that these are all free. Apple Company will not take money for these features.

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v  IMESSAGE: IMESSAGE is the system through which user can send unlimited text, mms, picture or voice mail in more than one IOS 7. But the condition is that IMESSAGE must on in every device and every device must remain under Wi-Fi network. If Wi-Fi network is not available then IMESSAGE will use your mobile operator network. In this case you must give a chance whether you use cellular net or not. Because of for every SMS a specific charge is needed. But in Wi-Fi it is full free.

v  Face time: it is as like as IMESSAGE but the main difference is that it is useful for video call. But video call depends on the net speed of your Wi-Fi.

v  Air drop: this feature has been used to send contacts, file, mp3, or video or any type of content through Bluetooth between two devices. But the problem is it is available from IPHONE 5 to the later version of apple.

v  Air blue: it is third party app and it is used to transfer file through Bluetooth from IPHONE to other device. But to use this mobile became JAIL BRAKE.

v  Air port: it is Wi-Fi modem which is made by Apple Company. Through this modem you can run internet in your laptop, tablet and IPAD and without this some extra work you can perform that you can’t perform through other modem. For example: you can perform music STRIMMING wirelessly, print anything through Wi-Fi printer, keep backup in your OS, powerful Wi-Fi you can use as a hub and connect this with your external hard drive you can movie STRIMMING in TV.

v  Air play: air play is an interesting feature of IOS. Through this you can mirror your IPHONE or IPAD screen live in your TV or pc monitor. That means it is as like as when we are using dual display in our PC. Its benefit is that it will record your IPHONE screen even that you perform in your IPHONE show in projector.

v  ITUNES home sharing: through this without transfer any type of song or movie in your mobile, you can listen in your IPHONE. Some components are needed: one IPHONE, ITUNES in PC, one apple id and one Wi-Fi network. Now from ITUNES file>home sharing> login through apple id and click done. Now go to your IPHONE settings>music and settings>video and login those apple id. Now opening ITUNES go to IPHONE music and video apps. Select your library music>more>shared. I my IPHONE’S come PROLOY’S library. Now you can see that those movie or song is not your mobile but in ITUNES you can run this in your IPHONE. This song or video will not transfer in phone and it depends on what time you remain under Wi-Fi. The benefit of this is if the memory of mobile is full then new video or song you can listen in your phone.

Suppose you are reading urgent news in newspaper through Wi-Fi. But you remain under pressure. You must go out just now. The article is very long. To end this you must need 15-20 minutes. You have no enough time but you can read it in bus. Again you are disinclining to use mobile network or your mobile has no balance. What can you do? The solution of this problem is very easy. Only two apps must install in your mobile. One is chrome browser and other is offline reader. Chrome app will help you to sink chrome browser that remain in your pc and bring all opening tabs in your IPHONE and then through offline reader save this to read in offline. If this two apps are installed then you can done it within two minutes. Then you can read the article in bus.

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