There are the best blogging platforms to the blogger

Do you find the best site for blogging? Do you think in which site you are blogging? Here I present 12 websites for you where you can start blogging. Everyone has some own life story, all of us can write an autobiography based on his history. At the present era of online you can flourish yourself through social network. Through blogging you can present your opinion and spread your thoughts all over of the world. Most of us think that now blogging is backdated and now you can share anything in social network. Is it real? The social network media is mostly personal, website: The website is and it is the best site to publish blog where you can publish blog through personally or group. Blogger. Com was founded in 2003. Generally blogs are becoming host at Google. But can publish blog in other host through FTP. As a blogging site blogger. com is my first favorite.
WordPress website: The website is and as a beta testing site in august, 2005 and November 21, 2005 is actually a web blog hosting supplier which is published by automatic. It is fully published by open source software WordPress. As a blogging platform my second choice is
Tumblr website: The website is www. and it is mainly a micro blogging platform where user can upload video, writing, picture and link. User can follow each other. This service provides importance on easy usage.
Medium website: The website is www. and this website was founded by the two founder member of twitter. Eve William and biz stone were founded this site to add extra facility. You can blogging comments through login in twitter. If you are new in this blogging and want to attach with reader then you can join this site.
Livejournal website:  The site is and this is mainly an online community where user are writing blog and diary. Livejournal is a free and open source server software. Through livejoural blogging more than one writer, comments, calendar and survey is included. The feature of livejournal is exceptional than other blogging platform.
Quora website: The website is and it is mainly a question-answer based website where users ask question and others give answer. It is mostly as like as yahoo and stock overflow but their blogging function separate them other blogging platform. It is the best website for question-answer.
Weebly website: The website is and this site was highly enriched and in 2006 it was started its function for the newer. Through login in facebook user can prepare blog at webly. This website is famous for preparing website easily and more than 100 professional template.
Edublogs website: the website is www. and it is the world’s famous educational based website. For study Edublogs provides blogging service. With a view to provide blogging service teacher and student, Edublog provides blogging service with very easily and safely such as video, picture and audio. website: The website is and it provides free blogging and paid blogging service.  Through blog you can make own community. Unlimited hosting and bandwidth are provided by website: The website is www. and it was published in 14th October, 2013. As a new blogging community it has been already obtained reputation. Most of us joined from but it is a nice platform though it has some limitations.
Wix website: The website is and according to the past experience wix blogging platform is unique. At present with wix it see shop, Wix app is related through market. Wix is become famous for wix temple and various prominent blogs.
Hubpages website: The website is and it is famous for all types of comments and articles are related to social network. For newer hub page is unique.

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