Three Important tricks how to remove virus from facebook

Three Important tricks how to remove virus from facebook:
You are chatting with your friends in facebook; hastily a link came to you. Click without knowing what this link, and why, take foot of danger now such link will go to your friends massage too. Some times unexpected picture will be tuned to the wall of facebook and other friends will be tag.
What is essentially to be done: Change of facebook password and remove of worthless apps, omitted unused and doubtful short program of browser and rectified at present time, use of latest antivirus. 
Wipe out password and Apps: Seized of Facebook virus accounts password must be changed at once and attacked tune be wipe from Activity Log.
* Go to settings by Click the arrow Mark of right side through login of Facebook accounts.
*Click password of General Account Settings and change your password.
*Success of change saw the message log me out of other devices said to remove account from other tools.
*To remove Apps click Apps of left list of settings which Apps are not used Past, remove that.
*Click Apps, Website and plug-ins and Apps Others use and then select again the setting here in Past.
As a result attacks of Virus possibility will be decrease for the next time. 
To remove the short Program of Browser: There are different settings in different Browser. So which Browser you use in your Facebook regularly
*Go tools or option or preference or that Browser and remove the unused and doubtful short Programs of Add-ons, Extensions, and plug-ins.
*To go to checkpoint Facebook is scan in online.
*Log in condition of Facebook Account go to any Checkpoint Link.
*Wants of Facebook Password wrote that and click continue.
*After came to the box named Secure Your Account here again and click Continue for download and done install.
End of Scan present situation will be known through a Notification.

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