Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2017 at a glance

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends news we get the daily. The pressure of other news most of the important has become lost. Most of the news which is little in size but very important. As a result ten important technological news is:
> Before releasing new operating system of smartphone, the technological device producing company apple gives the chance of the user to use this.
That means before come it in the market user can use this.
> The technological device producing company Samsung says that the next series of the galaxy smartphone they will make with metal. The name of metal alloy is “liquid metal” but the authority of Samsung still not tell anything about this.
> In 2011 about the mac book pro video card most of the users have been given complaint. At last apple takes the step to change this.
> A delegation team of European Union will be investigated the main head quarter of the google which is situated at California. Here remain also some people to inspect the personal information of the Italy.
> Before entering market the price of Samsung ultra HD television has been disclosed.  For every curved television the consumer must pay 3000 USD.
> The cofounder of the XIAMI named June lay has been collected 16 corers USD to conduct a business with corporation. XIAMI is the Chinese technology producing company. In this regard the investment firm called Sunway capital has been financed.
> Appeared that the smartphone is switch off. But smart phone has been called own and take the picture. In the LOLLY pop version of the smart phone for “power of jack” which is one kind of bug occurred the problem.
> With the cost of 109 corers USD apple has been established two data centers in Europe. One is established in Ireland and other is Denmark.
> Apple will establish an industry to produce display in japan. The estimated cost for this industry is 107 cores USD. Next year it will be started.
> To keep the goodwill of the company the United States technology service based company “yelp” write two such kinds of these companies. This activities also apply this company most of the companies.

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