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Most of us already started working in neobux or thinking to start with top ptc sites that really pay freelance work from home without investment otherwise thinks that heard about lot of site such kind of this site. But you have any intention to work then you will be succeeded. But in this case some instructions are needed. So today I talk about neobux.
Most of us know neubux as a PTC site. As well as we think through one click anyone can earn money. I also think that. But you can’t earn money from neubux individually. If you want to earn from neubux then you will need to accompany with others that means you must need a click from your individual friends as well as a proper guideline and patient will help you to earn money. From the starting point it is very difficult to earn from neubox. As a free member if you view ten advertisements in a daily then you can earn 1 cent. Mainly PTC depends on your referral. The more your referral the more you can earn profit. So if you have no referral then it takes too time to convert 1 cent to 1 dollar. May be you will discard all of your hopes. So the best side of the neubux is that if you have no referral then they will give the opportunity to rent referral.
In neobux you can get three types of referral. These are:
Ø  You can get referral directly through your referral link.
Ø  You can buy referral from others.
Ø  You can rent referral from neobux.
From the above option rent referral from neobux is very effective and low cost.
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What is rent referral?
The term rent referral means rent referral from neobux from particular time that you can rent from referral and you can increase period of time as you own way. For this you must pay specific amount of money.
How do I rent referral?
To rent referral from neobux then two important issues must fill in your account.
Ø  The age of your account minimum 15 days.
Ø  In your account must have 0.60 dollar.
Suppose I think your account has these qualities. Now you are ready to rent referral from neobux. Then first click your name. Now in the right side of the page you can see a chart and it is your activity chart. Above the activity chart there are four options. These are EXTEND ADVERTISE REFFERALS YOUR PAYMENT. From this click referral. Now the next page provides you some packages such as 3, 5, 10….from this you select the package 3 because you have 0.60 dollar in your account. Then you complete your first rental referral. 
How do you maintain rental referral?
First I want to say about rental referral. Suppose neobux is your new business organization that you build without any capital but give your intelligence and labor for this. When your organization become big then it will difficult to you maintain this. So you recruit new employees in your organization. These employees are your rental referrals. That will perform for your organization with monthly salary. Growing your company day by day you must concern about the performance of your employees. Because you are paying money for this. If any employee does not his perform properly then you must discard that employee and recruit new employee. But you must think about the weekend of your employee. One or two days in a week any referral may not be clicked or going to pass a long vacation. In this case you cannot contact with your referral that is the main problem. So thinking to and fro you must prepare a plan. By doing this framework you can earn from neobux.
Rental referral maintains policy: first from neobux you must find out the time of your ad reset and server. According to the rules of neobux if you don’t click the four colors ad then tomorrow you can’t earn from referral. Even you can’t earn from direct referral. That means your tomorrow’s income depend on today’s ad click. So to income from the referral the time of your server and ad reset is necessary to know.
How can you know about server time of neobux?
First login your neobux account. Then click view advertisement. In the left side of new page you can see the time of ad reset and right side the server time. Now count your time. The best option for you to observe carefully when your ad is reset. Every day on that time you will get ad.
What is auto pay?
The term auto pay is the system of neobux where neobux pay automatically for your rental referral. It is not matter of afraid, neobux pay only that referral when it is clicked. In an easy term for today’s ad click, neobux pay tomorrow. Otherwise neobux will not deduct any amount from your account. That means neobux deduct money from your account when you will earn money through that referral.
Discount: for opening auto play you will get 15% discount. Suppose for your every referral you must pay 30 cent but for auto play you must pay 25.5 cent. Now I want to say about renew account.
For 15 days 0%
For 30 days 5%
For 60 days 10%
For 90 days 18%
For 150 days 25%
For 240 days 30%.
Now we can see that that discount we get for 15, 30, and 60 days renew is less than auto pay discount. So it is better for you to start auto play. If you renew for 90 days or more then stop auto play and increase the period of referral.
What is BEP?
The term BEP means break even point or the amount of average click of your rental referral. On the basis of your rental referral, Your BEP amount will more or less. If you sustain under the BEP then you are on the loss zone on the other hand you are on the profit zone.
When do you recycle a referral?
For this you must select BEP. As a standard member or free member you can select following instruction. If you have 1-250 referrals then on this basis of time you BEP will increase or decrease. Suppose,
The period of referral
15 days
30 days
60 days
90 days
 150 days
240 days
What is mini job?
The term mini jobs is the another system to earn from neobux where accomplishing little size of task you can earn money. It is as like as micro workers.
Adprize: the term adprize means a game where many members click in the same time but one person gets money aggregately. It is as like as lottery.  You can earn dollar, point and even golden membership through adprize that amount is 90 dollar.

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