Ubuntu system requirements latest version of 14.04 LTC

ubuntu 14.04 LTC
Body (font-size: 100%) p (font-size: 1.5em 😉 before some days the Ubuntu system requirements latest version of 14.04 LTC published in the market. As usual there is big changed but canonical organization brings some new changes.
Ubuntu 14.04 LTC mainly the change of interface and operating system and enter market to bring some new version’s software.In this software there are some solid upgrades though it is not a big change but it is enough to become famous among users. Beside these canonical organization starting tablet development and ubuntu smart phone is very better way.
You can disable Amazon’s search integration: in some versions for the users ubuntu integrates “Amazon’s search engine result”. But in this new trusty tahr version users can realize it better way. When from your ubuntu operating system based computer, you search any file or application then your search request goes to ubuntu server. From ubuntu server you request directly goes to the Amazon and then collected result you provide from Amazon. After getting result if you buy something from Amazon then canonical organization gets specific commission.
But unit dash is very irritating for this search result. Because of using unit dash if you want to search any file from your hard drive then the search result of Amazon will mix with your search result and crates a problem. Again you don’t want to send your every request in Amazon. So to escape this problem you can easily disable the integration advantage of Amazon. In this case the easiest way is to use “system setting” window. For this you can see as like as gear in the right corner of desktop. Clicking this you will get “system setting” window. Now from system setting window  click “security and privacy” and then click search tab. You can see the option of “when searching in the dash” and to stop this advantage just toggle the switch “on and off” .
ubuntu 14.04 LTC
But if you this above system then you will not find other search result in your dash. If you want to stop only Amazon search result then you must install unity-lens-shopping package.
Sudo apt-get removes unity-lens-shopping
In ubuntu unity launcher a quick link icon is also attached. To delete this click the right button of the mouse on this and select “unlock from launcher” option.
ubuntu 14.04 LTC
You can easily disable global menu: to disable global menu and to enable global menu are same. Here I write about this in brief.
*      To start this “local menu object” first you must click the icon of system setting which is situated at unity bar.
ubuntu 14.04 LTC
*      In system setting you can see dialogue box. From system settings dialogue box personal section click appearance icon.
ubuntu 14.04 LTC
*     In your screen you will see appearance. Click behavior tab in appearance screen. Below the behavior tab you can see “show the menus for a window” this writing. Below this you can see two options. Between two options click “in the window’s title bar”.
ubuntu 14.04 LTC
*      Now click (x) icon which is situated in the left corner of the appearance screen and stop setting dialogue box.
ubuntu 14.04 LTC
Say good bye ubuntu one right now:  the cloud storage advantage of ubuntu provides 5 giga byte spaces to store file and it is supported by other operating system also. Canonical decided that they will stop this opportunity because of for it every users Google provides 10 giga byte cloud storage opportunity in exchange of 1.99 dollar every month and thinking this canonical is leg behind than Google and ubuntu withdraws the trusty thar version right now. In this case ‘dropbox’ may have another cloud storage opportunity rather than ubuntu one. ‘dropbox’ is officially linux supported and it provides 2 giga byte storage opportunity for the users. Beside this from ubuntu software center you can install “dropbox”.
ubuntu 14.04
Some problem in web app integration: in this version of ubuntu some changes are occurred in “web app integration”. Suppose if you prepare any web application for Gmail then for this ubuntu’s mobile usable browser uses ubuntu. Although theoretically for this users get desktop and mobile synchronization opportunity but in reality users will face some problems if he wants to use web integration. Because of ubuntu’s default browser is unable to perform better way than a better browser even it will not support flash plug-in.
If you want to use icon in your favorite web application then it is better not to use ubuntu’s default app integration opportunity. In this case you can install chrome browser and use default opportunity of this. For this from chrome browser menu you must select tools>create>application shortcuts. You will not get this opportunity in Firefox.
From now trim will get in default way: at present trim is very important feature. This opportunity helps a solid state drive to run with high speed.  You don’t need to enable this in your own of ubuntu’s trusty thar version and ubuntu’s 14.04 this opportunity is attached in default way. If you have a solid state drive and in before you never used this feature then you will get better disk performance rather than other version.

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