Updated! Facebook photo verify within only 5 minutes with 100% guaranteed.

System 1: In this case with this system u can construct your ID only 5 minutes. Using any Japan IP then you can log in M.facebook.com. Then login through fill up the capuche and select your continent and then select you country. You get the blank to set up the number, there you put the number and then from those number a code number go to your mobile and the task has been accomplished through put the number. You can login your id. Through this system your ID will be corrected. If any id seek voter id verification code then in those case it will very difficult to correct id.
System 2: In this case during photo verification you will show the photo but you will not provide name then if you give the photo but no name are not provide in those case you will login from mobile or Firefox as like as mobile. Here in every question, three questions will be given. Click the button “see another photo” and then take screen shot of three photos and save these screens shot consecutively as a name. Then press submit button after clicking any name and  in the same way again take screen shot of three photos and save as a name. Thus the photos of all questions save three by three. Skipping 2 questions Total question will be 21. In these process three photos of every question considered as a 1 photo.

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