USB not recognized?? Here is the solution.

Using USB in computer but will not get this message, this type of people have greater number. USB come under the Intel but through windows Microsoft go to the USB in most familiar position.   For its ease of using, it becomes familiar but (USB not recognized) this message creates some trouble among us. You can take help from Google and Microsoft.
usb problems

1. That Microsoft says:
     Go to start>run then write DEVMGMGT. MSC and press ok. It shows device manager window.  Click “universal serial bus controllers”+. Then, go to properties through the right click of USB Root Hub. It shows properties dialog box of USB Root Hub. Then, click the power management tab. Withdraw the yes mark from “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box” then press ok.  Accomplish the task from 3 to 5 according to the number of “USB Root Hub”. Now go to the action menu and click scan for hardware changes. After finishing the task stop device manager.
2. That says Microsoft and forum specialist:
To operate the every device of motherboard, a microprocessor is the best where USB among of them. When USB plugged in PC then reload microprocessor USB and other necessary drivers which is called motherboard internal restart. After restart, it tries to recognize USB port. If this task is completed, then we got a message that USB is ready to perform. But most of the time drivers will not work properly during restart “microprocessor”. Specialist say about the solution for this problem. They say that first open the power cable from PC so that no power goes to microprocessor. But I said that you follow a standard rule to turn off the PC then open power cable. Then run your PC and continue your task. In this system a large number of people get solution.
3. Microsoft says that when PC runs from standby or Hibernate option then user gets the message.
4. Some XP user tell that all of their usbstor. Info and usbstor.pnf hidden file erase from the address of C:WINDOWSinf. As a result their PC will not get the connection of USB. Through this system, they get the result.
5. As a solution Microsoft says that use updated version.
6. Some specialist says that this problem can occur if the dirt sticks to the USB. That why including USB, whole motherboard cleans occasionally.

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