Utility Software: Keeping Your Computer in Place

Just like how every hotel is filled by people who render services to guests, every computer is also equipped with a number of system software that keep your computer running through maintenance, augmentation and configuration. A type of types of utility software.
Bearing its name, it gives support to various other applications of a computer for it to be up and running the way it is supposed to. Utility software comes together with the operating system of a computer. Unlike an application software which can be manufactured by third-party creators, a group of utility software is somehow part of the package once you purchase a computer.

One fine common example of a utility software is the file manager. It is that platform on your computer that allows you to highlight, sort, group, cut, copy, paste, rename and move files from one directory to another. Without this utility software functionality, it may be very hard to navigate and keep your files on locations and appearance that you want them to be associated with. There is another utility software that is in charge of the disks or drives of your computer. This type of utility software can do various things like checking your hard drive to verify the integrity of a specific volume, cleaning the disks to get rid of unnecessary files and partitioning and compressing disks to adjust the size of the volumes involved.
Even an antivirus software and a backup software are both examples of a utility software. Antivirus applications prevent the spread of malwares and backup applications make sure that your files are protected. All in all, a utility software will exist and should exist as long as your computer continues to operate. A computer will fall apart without them.

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