Washing machine hack is stealing the information of computer

Think, from a military base the hacker want to steal the information. The internet connection of this computer has been cut off and the base is fully protected. So it is washing machine hack  the information using internet from the computer.
The indomitable hacker convert the printer into radio which is belongs to the military base to steal information from the computer. Then using the frequency of the radio the hackers are successfully steals the information from the computer. Although the following story is become think as a science fiction but it is possible to steal information from the computer. A team of technologists in United States invented a process through which printer, washing machine and air conditioner can convert into a signal sending device and the hacker can steal the information from the computer when the internet connection is cut off. This signal has been performed with a distant mile.
The security researcher of New York Manhattan red balloon invented that without an internet connection the hacker had been able to steal information from the user computer. The leader of this research institution was ANNI QUI. Last week in the United States of lass Vegas black heart convention the process of stolen information from the user computer had been published.
The technologists are specifically changed the circuit board of laser printer. In this changing from circuit an electronic wave has been made and that are spreading around. In this result a slight sound is occurred in printer. This wave has been performed in the binary code of computer 0 and 1. But the technologists avowed that it had been very slow. One sound is able to get in every second.
The technologist Chui said that in any network with the firewall to tackle steal the information some precautionary steps had been taken. But using radio wave and then steal the information is impossible to catch. But one process is helpful to catch the radio wave. If any MM radio set up the closest of the device then severe BIP sound will occur.
At present the security cost of the internet security is 700 corer us dollar. The internet connection has been cut off to tackle steal the information at military base or other higher organization. Various organizations and governments expense huge amount of money to tackle hacker. But they are unable to tackle the hacker. So the security-based organization must know before the hacker using radio signal to steal information.

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