Web design marketing toolkit for google web designer

As a web designer, you have to keep track of your web design marketing toolkit and review them every once in awhile. It is important to stay up to date, and to stay ahead of the competition in this business, one has to have all the latest tools and software. By reviewing your tools, you can determine their value and how effective they are, and decide if you want to upgrade them or perhaps replace them with a better one.

In order to successfully perform their tasks, web designer have to have a set of tools and software which make everything possible. Here is a list of the most important ones used by many web designers.


It all starts with great communication. In order to conduct business, you have to assemble a team, and create a platform where all of you can communicate, create groups and channels, and send direct messages to each other. Slack offers all of this.
You can invite as many members inside your working groups and create as many channels as you like. Your channels can then be set to open or closed, depending on your needs to grant access to everyone or just a small group of people.
You can also share documents on Slack, Google docs, DropBox files, etc. Slack has an indexing algorithm, which makes everything searchable once it is registered.
        Platforms: iOS, Android

Photoshop CC

This one is like the right hand of every web designer and probably the one software which changed the world of photography. It is very hard to talk about serious visual design without mentioning the Adobe’s best software. When it was first introduced it 1988, Photoshop showed great promise and was one of the tools people used to practice with and do basic editing. It was then and it is today the best software for image editing.
        Platforms: PC, Mac


Having your own personal storage is a must in this business. One does not always have an access to his private and important data, however, while using the cloud, you can simply log on with your smartphone and download all the information you need.
This also includes pictures, music, and important working documents. pCloud offers free sign up, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, without restrictions. It is available for both Windows and Linux, and you can also download the app from the Google or Apple store.
        Platforms: iOS, Android


If you are looking to build and run your apps, Heroku is the place for it. It supports Java, Python, Node.js and Ruby. You can use languages you are already familiar with to operate your apps. It also offers an Add-on marketplace, which offers more than 1,000 services and collections of scripts for app compiling in any of the above mentioned languages.
        Platforms: OS X, Windows, Ubuntu


Hammer is the best place where you can build your HTML website. It features Coffeescript parsing; Cleaver Paths which contain a bunch of helpful classes, and an auto reload function which refreshes your website every time you are done with compiling. It is among the best on the market offering tons of features, all in one place.
        Platforms: OS X


        Platforms: iOS, Android
        Price: Free trial
This is the tool that every web designer must have; it captures and collects user feedback, and then creates bug reports that you can use to fix all the problems encountered. The usage of this tool in beta testing is priceless. Using a BugHerd, users are able to annotate any problem they have found on a particular website. All of the info is collected and then put into a bug report. Every bug is an individual task which is taken care of individually until resolved. Bugs can be assigned to different developers, which can be filtered and searched.

If you are a web designer, imagining your working day without these tools and software would be a nightmare. Everything is way easier when you have the proper equipment, and not only is it effective, but it is also time-preserving. 

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