Wemo compatible devices & wemo security system

The lawyer of MIA NIGUION who lived in London catches the thief and gives to the police by using “man thing” app setting his own office.  A thief is entered into your house and having a plan to wemo compatible devices all the things of your house.
Taking a meal from your house and then eat to all. But how can you know this incident? For your absence the thief is entered into your house. Then how can you know the activities of the thief? The lawyer MIA NIGUIN who lived in a London saw the thief entered into his room. Entering the room the thief gives the meal the pet dog of NIGUIN. Then he is starting to steal the things. As well as NIGUIN calls the police and the police catch the thief at red handed.How idea had been come before the thief ran away? The phone of MIA’S was a mobile app called “MANYTHING”. To see the condition of his house then he sees that a thief has been entered his house. 
Most of the people are anxious about his house although they lock their house properly. But the cost of CCTV and electric door is so high that they are worked all days with the issue of thief. So if the man gets anything with cheaper then he will take it. The “many thing” app is only made for IOS operating system based mobile and this app has been attached with little web camera of your house. Starting app you can see all things that is happened in your house. This app will concern you if any doubt issue is occurred. You can attach more than one camera if you want. The recording of these cameras has been stored in cloud store. This app is also been attached with IFTTT services. The means of IFTTT is “if this ten that”. That means if any ominous things have been occurred then you will concern through a text. The co-founder of the app “many thing” named James waist says, “in the world about two million people use this app and every day video has been recorded as same as 10 years. Now for this app android version is running”
Without “many thing” there are more apps that provide the facility to use with web camera. In balking WIMO system using mobile app you can use the alarm sensor, LED light and electrical switch from outside. The product management director of WIMO peter Taylor says, “WIMO can protect you if you are outside of the home”. About two million people use the motion active camera of WIMO. That means the camera will be started automatically if any susceptible occurrence occurs in the house. In WIMO system there is a facility to use IFTTT services. The main risk to use this camera in the house is hacker. Most of the time the incident of web camera hacking is occurred. To catch the thief, the whole information about your house goes to the hacker. About this issue peter Taylor says, “The incident of hacking has been occurred for using local stream. For video storage we will not use local stream.” The founder of “many thing” James waist is confident. Because of till there is no hacking incident is occurred.The security specialist mark James gives advice the user to concern about the risk of using these apps. He says, “every day this app takes the picture of your house and store at clouds. Anyone can hack your cloud storage and can watch all the picture of your house which is not good for you”. 
Again to active this app, it is necessary toactive your mobile phone always. There is not ability of any smartphone of 24 hours charge. To secure your house web camera is better solution. But if the security of your cloud storage has been broken, then this app will hamper for you.

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