What are keywords in research & what is keywords

What is keyword? what are keywords in research:
What is -Word when Google or Yahoo or other search engines, we also like to give a variety of search by word or line Free Movies, Hollywood Movies, etc. Each one of these lines is a keyword or words.
What do you need to know now how Word works?
Software has to hold on to a Web site or blog, then Ethan visitors to this site free Movies are certainly not mentioned movies Software, its  free software, etc. These are the hundreds of thousands of keywords on Web sites Software  is very difficult to make. Software is a keyword now on the (Keyword) and visitors will have to choose which electoral system is less competitive keywords (Keyword) Research and create a blog, but if you like the Keyword ( Keyword) is like choosing. Below are some of the sites to which you link, the keyword (Keyword) you can choose.
Using of keywords:
1. Domain name (Domain Name): domain name (Domain Name) is considered a very important issue. What is the name of your site depends a lot on any visitor could not remember the name of the name of the site or any of the sites to make money or name suggests, so as to give the name of the site with the subject of the Match it. During the first search engine to search for the domain name for purposes of search Domain URL need to focus on.
2. The title of the Web site: The site of all the things, the title of the site’s title is a critical issue in the right way so it would not make use of the site will have no value by two to get the convenience of a search engine visitor comes to your site in order to detect and better feedback from your site is found. So keyword (Keyword) title is important for the site.
3. Article Writing: Article writing is a big role for the keyword title is the time of writing, keep in mind that for every 100 word minimum or maximum 3 pm to 3 pm use keywords in your articles and the many times in this post “keyword”  use this post to a forum expressed or from this site 5-6 in the Google “Keyword” search by entering the first maybe getting than You can go. So it’s important to understand how much fear.
Keyword understood from the above discussion that much comes in handy. What a beautiful word now instantly give a beautiful site so beautiful more traffic for your site keyword rich choose.

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