What can be done if you android password forgot or lock your phone?

Most of the android password forgot face a problem that forget password or pattern lock and google account may be locked for providing wrong pattern. To solve this problem here discussing about the solution.
• Without 11 number system data/app/settings is not changed that means your phone remain unchanged.
• All the system will not applicable for all phones.
• General user can try 1,2,10 number system.
• If it is occurred that you will not forget password but some one gives wrong password again and again as a result you phone is locked then you can try this system.
• Give a phone call during lock.
• After receiving call press home/middle button.
• Go to settings of the phone then disable pattern or password.
• Call will not disconnect during whole task.
• If google account active in your phone then after lock your phone, you can sign in through the account of play store if google account needs.
• If internet connection is on of your phone and there is no problem in your account or not more than one account then after some time you account will be verified and tell you to give new pattern/password.
• Phone is open after giving new password.
• If the internet connection is off then you can on data through ADB with the help of pc such as this code is required to on wi-fi (adb shell svc wifi enable).
• In this system it is difficult to open lock and needs pc.
• Cygwin and ADB must install if your pc is windows. Cygwin will not require if your pc is linux.
• In your PC must on USB debugging (settings>developers options>USB debugging).
• If ADB driver is not point out by your pc then for compatible driver must install in your pc.
• If all things are done correctly then connect with pc throuh cable in your phone and in this case your phone must on.
• Open RUN for your pc.
• Opening RUN then press enter writing cmd in box. A black color command prompt window will open.
• Again write rm/data/system/gesture.key and press enter.
• Without unplug phone from pc restart your phone.
• Now disconnect phone from pc after phone is starting.
• The requirement is as same as system-3 only in this system CMD code will apply other way (after  writing every line enter will press one by one).
Adb devices
Adb shell
Cd data/system
• The requirement is as same as system-3 only in this system CMD code will apply other way (after  writing every line enter will press one by one).
Adb shell
Sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
• To set up this system  connect pc with your phone or according to phone download driver and set up pc.
• USB debugging must on in your pc.
• Extract this file called bypass security hack in your pc.
• Open sqlite database browser 2.0. exe file.
• Start pull settings.db.cmd file. It tales out the settings file of your phone from phone.
• The settings.db file spread on sqlite database browser 2.0.exe.
• Go to browse data tab and select secure from table.
• In case of pattern find out lock_pattern_autolock and delete record. Save database and close after saving and from bypass security hack start push settings.db.cmd and then restart phone.
• In terms of pin lock find out lockscreen. Password_type. Then change the value through double and give 65536. Delete record after finding out lock_pattern_autolock. Save database and close after saving then start push settings.db.cmd from bypass security hack. Restart your phone.
• For this system custom recovery must install in your phone.
• Download pattern password disable and heep SD CARD.
• Insert card in the phone and boot this phone recovery.
• The zip file that is keep from SD card flash this install from SD card.
• Restart your phone.
• For this system must install custom recovery in your phone.
• Download aroma file manager.zip and store SD card.
• insert card in the phone and boot this phone recovery.
• You will get a option from mount recovery. From there all the things must mount.
• Open aroma file manager.
• Select settings from menu then select mount all partition in startup and exit aroma file manager exit.
• Again update aroma file manager.zip from update and open it.
• Now from data/system find out “gesture.key” or password.key file and delete.
• Restart your phone.
• For this system your phone must be rooted and must install sms bypass application in your phone.
• Open this app.
• Give permission if super user permission wants.
• After opening the app  withdraw right clickfrom remote password reset.
• At change secret code give code in your own.
• There is no requirement for this mobile. It will work all phones. But in this system all files will be deleted that you stored in phone.
• Swich off your phone then boot at recovery.
• Restart your phone.

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