What is a custom ROM? How to make custom ROMS for android?

There is no competitor of android as a mobile operating system. But it is needed for the user to familiar with some terms of mobile such as ROOT, UNROOT, FLASH, STOCK ROOM INSTALL, AND FRAMEWARE UPDATE etc. today our topic is about what is ROM, CUSTOM ROM OR ROM? How does it used? What is the application of these? So let’s learn:
What is a custom ROMS
• What is ROM?
The full meaning of ROM is that read-only memory. Actually ROM is one kind of storage. From this storage we collect data but we can’t write any data. When the word ROM used for the android system then it indicates the operating system of the device. But the right word is firmware such as stock firmware, custom firmware etc. but at present the word ROM is very familiar. The ROM is varied on the basis of device. At 95% time the ROM of one device is not installed in other device. If the user try to do this then the device will brick. It is applicable both for stock ROM and custom ROM. But install is possible or install is possible through port if the specifications are matched between two devices such as processor structure, chip set, and resolution.

• What is stock ROM?
In every android device there has already installed an operating system (OS). The producer of android device marketed the product after install. This pre- installed operating system is called stock ROM or stock firmware. In these ROMS the producing company installs these apps as their own application system. These are BLOATWARE, that can’t be installed. Besides this most of the android device producing company marketed their products preparing user interface through editing android source as their own. Most of the companies reveal the source code of their stock ROM that user can edit after download.
• What is custom ROM?
Custom ROM is stock ROM based one type of customized ROM. Which types of customization change and extra benefits are remaining in custom ROM depends on the developer.
Users of custom ROM gets lots of benefits
1. Update:
The update of custom ROM gets quickly than stock firmware. The custom ROM is produced by the independent developers so weeks after weeks it is released nightly so that new features have been added.
2. Performance:
In custom ROM there has no unnecessary application system is given as a app. As a result it is faster than stock ROM and the cost of ram is low. Besides this most of the time custom kernel is provided with ROM that helps the device performs faster.
3. Android version upgrade:
The main objective of custom ROM developed is upgrading the android version. That means through custom ROM you can upgrade from ice cream sandwich to jelly bean or JB and from jelly bean to KITKAT.
4. Increase the software support:
Most of the time for various apps a support has been provided through custom ROM that is not installed in stock ROM before.
• The process of ROM backup and restore:
There are many process for ROM backup and restore but here I present with the assistance of custom recovery how ROM backup and restore accomplished.
•  The system of custom ROM flash:
From which website you download custom ROM, there are given the install process. But here, I also talk about the basic or main process to install custom ROM.

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