What is android technology and android phones information

• What is root?
The word root os originated from Linux operating system. The Linux user who has root privileges or super user permission is called root user. An easy word we can say that root is an administrator.What is android technology and android phones information  is one kind of permission. If a user gets this permission then he will operate his device in his own way.
In an android operating system, a user will not perform with system file without administration privilege as well as in Linux user will not perform with system file without administration privilege. Those who has a permission perform all things in a server or Linux operating a computer is called root user.
• What is the similarity between android and Linux?
In your mind, a question may arise why I talk about Linux although I talk about android. Here android is prepared from the main base of the linux operating system.
• Linux user gets permission very soon but why the android user will not get this?
Usually, we install this Linux operating system so we may know user permission code. But android mobile we purchase from market and its operating system has been prepared before. When device user install operating system in the mobile then user permission code remains in their hand. So we are unable to get that permission code. Now a question may arise in your mind why will not give us this permission code? Mainly for protection device user will not get this user permission code. But that means is not that we will not get this user code. We will collect this from device producer then we can get user permission code.
• Although the android operating system is same why is it vary mobile to mobile?
A question may arise in your mind that the number of mobile producing company has become different look operating system. Although the main base of the operating system is same but it will vary on the basis of customization. In this case, the interface between sony and HTC is very similar.
• Why don’t root in android mobile?
When mobile producing company release their product in the market then there has no permission to root. Because of if root permission is providing then you will perform any kinds of task. You can go to the root folder of your mobile. Any file you can edit or delete. When your mobile has root permission then you will not get any warning during deleting any file. You may think that this file is unnecessary so you delete this file. You did break your phone with wrong during customization or install from. As a result, you can see that your mobile is not starting. Then you blame mobile producing company. If your mobile is not root then you will not find this folder. Phone producing company gives you many benefits, but this is performed for your betterment.
• Advantages of root: 
Using various apps root deletes a temporary and unused file and then keep good the speed of the phone. As well as the performance  of mobile is increasing various ways. The speed of overclocking CPU is faster than the speed of usual CPU. Through this, the processor of speed will increase for the special task. When mobile stay in aimlessly then CPU is not working without any reason in this regard the ability of the work will decrease through underclocking. As a result battery, the backup will increase. Besides this being root, there is a benefit to installing custom ROM. Most of the famous developers prepare the customs room for mobile. By installing this ROM, you can upgrade your mobile phone. By using the software, you can increase the speed of processor and ram but will not increase hardware or others. You can’t do 8 megapixels to the 16-megapixel camera.
• The disadvantages of root:
At first your mobile warranty will cancel for root. So be careful before root. But most of the mobiles become unroot. If mobile is become unroot then mobile technician will not catch whether the mobile is root or not. But in terms of custom ROM it is mandatory to catch. What is brick? The term brick means your mobile is damaged. That means you mobile will lose working ability. After root you can face permanent or temporary problem. The producing company give you the phone as a unroot because of you don’t face any problem. Being root you broke the assurance. Now you must take whole responsibility. Sometimes we can see that if we root our device then some detrimental program will take the control of the phone. But during lock the user will not get the permission so there is no possibility to get permission for other apps.

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