What is domain in networking? know about domain name

If you want to open a website on the domain you will have to buy a place there. If anyone wants to come to your office, but he will know his address. This is the website address in what is domain in networking is called domain name. This domain uniquely identifies your website will be.
And access to all the world will know the name of the website. For example, every human being has a name. This is reflected in its name. A domain name is the name of a man. The difference between the name of the domain name and the name is a name that is unique in more than one man. But domain names are unique in the world, and the second is a domain, you can see exactly the mobile number take for example, as well as any number and your phone number does not match exactly. The domain addresses of a website through which the user can find your website. For example, as you can see, such as a domain name http://www.mobiload24.com. Instead of using the IP address of the domain name will be able to access your Web site or any other Web site to visit. IP addresses are usually numbered. For example IP address.
For example, a domain name http://www.mobiload24.com. Here ‘HTTP: //’ part of the protocol, www. The Hostname, mobiload24 the name / domain name / 2nd Level Domain and is part of the .com domain extension. That protocol than a site: web domain name domain extension. The creation of a website in the first place that comes to the discussion of what will happen in this domain.
All files of a website on a server (computer) are. Each server has a fixed IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is. The server which can be found on the Internet. Our website’s server, such as IP Address 170,198,168,212 could be, but it is not possible to remember the IP Address of the website. This removes the Domain. IP Address is set for a Domain. As a result, the website is loaded by loading the Domain. mobiload24.com This is the site of our Domain. Our website will be loaded if it is loaded. Each Domain mainly consists of two parts. Another one is the Domain Name and Domain Suffix. mobiload24.com mobiload24 of this domain is the Domain Name and .com Domain Suffix. The Domain Name must be a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters can be. Only English letters, numbers 0-9, and the “-” (Hyphen) Domain Name can be used inside.
Different types of domains:
There are several types of Domain again.
TLD = Top Level Domain. For example, .com, .org, .net, .info, .pw, .me, etc. These are the highest level of the Domain.
gTLD = Generic Top Level Domain. The domains are top level in any country which is not related to the gTLD they say. .com, .org, .net, .info, etc. Some of the Generic Top Level Domain. And .in, .pk etc. is Generic Top Level Domain.
SLD = SubLevel Domain: Domain Name without some prior to the Sublevel Domain. Googleblog.blogspot.com here as Google blog. The Sublevel Domain. A Domain can have multiple Sublevel Domain.
ccTLD = Country Code Top Level Domain. They own that different countries have dome Angulo Country Code Top Level Domain. For example .bd (Bangladesh), .pk (Pakistan), .us (America), .uk (United Kingdom), .in (India) and so on. As the world’s first Domain symbolics.com. Massachusetts Computer Company is registered by the Symbolics March 15, 1985.
Top-level domains: .com .net .org .info domain, etc. are called top-level domains. (Buy these domains)

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