What is e safety & Ways to stay safe on the internet

Easily reopen to close the tab by default:
Sometimes it has happened that we close the tab in the substitute of other tab. As a result, a great hamper has been occurred. In this regard we can get the tab by pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+T or COMMAND+SHIFT+T keyboard.
Ways to stay safe on the internet:
Using private window to access more than one account:
At present we have more than one Facebook or mail account. But it is very impossible to access all account simultaneously using one browser. In this regard you can use private window. From private window keyboard of Mozilla Firefox pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+P and it has been activated. Now you can open more than one account by preparing private window. If you using Google chrome then in Google chrome this feature is called incognito mode. Pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+N from keyboard it has been activated.
Using password manager to memorize password:
To memorize all passwords which have been used in a large number account most of the users use same password in all account. It may be the great security risk. Never uses same password in all account. In this regard you can use strong password manager. Here I recommend you to use last pass.
Bookmark without using title:
When we bookmark any website then we bookmark with title. In this regard a small number of bookmarks can take place the toolbar of browser bookmark. To store a large number of bookmarks, you can store bookmark without title. Only right click on the bookmark and press edit button then accomplish your task deleting title.
Using ADDBLOCK for web browsing:
Most of the website is filled with add. In website most of the adware can be attacked by malware. So for add free browsing, you can use add block plus.
Highlight the word if you search this from Google:
To know any term of website first you must highlight the term and then click the right button of the mouse and you are getting the option. Now any word need not search from search box.

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