What is educational websites definition & Advantages of educational websites

What is educational websites definition & Advantages of educational websites:

As like as commercial institution website for educational institution bears an important role. Website for rural area highly developed the education system. In an urban area, the students get extra benefit from the website. Most of the urban students take help of website foe education.
In the rural area, the students are not getting such type of benefit. But the authority takes necessary steps to provide such type of benefit for the rural students. At present most of the educational institutions make a website for their own institution. Dear Sir, You must agree with me that the educational instructions of rural and urban must bring under the website. There is no alternative to help the students without developing own website of the institution.
Discussing some examples how website will help your every student..
The home page of the website: in the starting point of institution home page must present own banner. There present name, address, REG: number, inn number, mobile/phone number. Email address, the principal of institution and the founder etc. Then menus, the picture of the institution, introduction, and the details information of birth, another website link of the area, and the SEBA link of govt., national and international link of the educational institution. Online TV, BBC radio, continuous video class, Google map, and area based time watch etc.
Introduction: In introduction menu including details introduction of the institution, history, objective, and infrastructure development.
Academic calendar: Academic menu presents the activities of the education. The sub-menu of the academic menu may be prospectus, the class routine, lesson planning, direction etc.
Notice board: Notice board menu page presents all notice of the institution. Present and the past all notice must be kept there. Without this there present shortcut link for the update notice.
Admission process: Admission process menu presents admission rules; admission test, admission form and another form etc that fill the demand of the students about admission. A student can submit his/her details information to the authority through the website.
Results: The result of the institution must be published through the website. By inserting his class and roll number, he/ she gets his mark sheet with the automatic grading system.
Communication: The communication page including local address, the direction of the road map, Google map, telephone, fax, email etc.
Complain menu: Students, guardian, and others can inform any types of complain, opinion and others to the authority. There present dynamic contact form.
The website for educational institution facilitates the activities of the institution. In educational system website plays an important role that most of the people may know.

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