What is forex trading? Is forex trading gambling? what is forex trading all about

 Forex currency trading market, the wheels of the economy are changing with the change in the currency, and the currency traders or if everyone profit or loss. This is the basic theories on the forex market. Of course! If you use the word what is forex trading all about this market today is basically what we will discuss with you whether you gambler Forex trader. That is the beauty of trader you are making your trading or actually making gambler.
Forex trading or viewing your liking, because both why you have identified this market, however, and if you repeatedly after Los edited to invest in Forex, you and the rest of the profit was not that good to begin to feel so good. What do you actually understand what I mean? I do not want to make u confused, I mean, the forex market is, or what should be your current location. So addictive, called gambling and trading terms.
If you invest $ 1000 and then in an explosion, but did not want to do so again invested $ 1,000 in this task, and you’re constant without any change to your trading style. If you’re going to do the same thing day after day, until you cannot make a profit.
That may be just the opposite, and you have $ 1000 to invest, and the explosion was the amount is double the second or third explosion, or the first thing you’re going to rise further. And so you’re going to gambling unwittingly.
Forex trading as well as any business where you yourself where your boss is not your basic rules that any business can motivate you as a gambler. In this case, I do not want to blame you, I’ll just help you through some of the discussion is a professional Forex trader you’ll gambling or not.
Let us know if there is a difference between a professional trader and a gambler
Emphasizes that what a gambler trader:
• There is no trading limits or trading strategy.
• There is no trading plan or do not use.
• There is no trading journal.
• Risk management to the little attention or not.
• All the time its focus on profit and reward.
• Trading time is a tremendous emotional ups and down of the market.
• Like the blind or Y or N profit targets by means of open trade.
When the trade:
• emphasizes what a professional forex trader
• Strategy the trade.
• A clear trading plan in accordance with the trade.
• If the trade with a trading journal.
• Manage Risk per trade and the risk of every trade made in control.
•there expecting more profit or benefit.
• Then enter trades when trading is to create AS.
• Emotions profit or loss does not judge.

• Trade is a trading business this way, you’ve been.

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