What is Freeware Software?

What is Freeware Software is any type of computer software that is free to use, it may have some restrictions like the author of the freeware software retains his copyright, you can use it freely in your own home or even distribute to your friends but the author has the right to control the distribution of his freeware software, he can always modify it and even sell it in the future, also you can only use it in an area that he expressly allows you to. You can not sell his product and typically the software is distributed without its source code, so it can not be modified by the user.
How did freeware software come to life? Thank this man, Andrew Fluegelman, he was an attorney and a computer magazine editor for PC-Talk, he invented the term freeware that was trademarked in the 1980s, since then the trademark was abandoned and anyone can legally use this term.

You can legally download any freeware software you like. There is a long range of programs you can download and use for free like games for Pc or Android/Ios, Drivers, Audio andVideo software, Antivirus, and the list goes one.

You can get quite decent freeware software like avast! Antivirus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for your internet security, Winamp Full version for listening  music or even a real-time 3D-modeling and animation tool like 3DCrafter,  this is why I love Freeware Software you can get awesome programs without pirating software from torrent sites or illegal downloading sites and then getting into trouble. So next time your antivirus freeware software detects a virus or you listen to music in Winamp don`t forget to thank Andrew Fluegelman.

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