What is Google group? Why you use Google group? Why and what is Google group?

Google group is the service of the Google through which you can create a group easily. You can add your necessity people and through one click you can send them email. As a result you can save your valuable time if you want to send same mail more than one public then you can accomplish the task through Google group. To use Google group feature you must go your web browser and login through your Google id and password. Then type address bar groups.google.com and you can show the page. Here click create group.
Group name: Here you must give your name.
Group email address: Which name you used in the group name, this name is automatically saved as your Google email address. For example redom-friends@googlegroups.com but you can change your name.
Group description: For which reason you open the group, provide some information about the group.
Group’s primary language: As a language setting English or what language you know.
Group type: Here remains the selection of by default email. If you want to prepare web-based form or question-answer based site.  I am preparing group which is based on important person email so I am selecting email as a group type.
Basic permissions: Administrator panel is the option of this part. That means that you can operate this group as your wish.
Join the group: This option referred how you can add your group member in this group. For example: selecting only invited user you can add those people whose name you selected. If you select public then join anyone. Selecting “anyone can ask” means that after asking me, he can join the group if I select him.

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