What is Integrated Software?

What is Integrated Software:

Integrated software is a collection of several applications in a single package with a common set of commands and the ability to work together and share data. The objective is to allow the user to perform a variety of tasks without having to switch software programs and learn different commands and procedures to run each one.
Integrated software combines the capabilities of word processing, electronic spreadsheet, DMS (database management system), graphics and data communications (using telephone line, satellites, and other communications technology to transmit data and information) into a single program.

Examples of integrated packages are Claris Works, Lotus Works, Microsoft works, PFS: First Choice, and WordPerfect work. In general, integrated packages are less power full than separate programs used alone, such as word processing or spreadsheet program used by itself. Moreover, some systems software makes integrated programs unnecessary: such systems allow users to shift easily between applications programs that are completely different. Finally, integrated programs are largely being replaced by software suites, discussed shortly.

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