What is my bitcoin address & bitcoin address sign up

What is my bitcoin address ?
In order to earn coins on various bits of the random number / letter combination of 36 characters, those are used to link the bits of the same address of coins. The address is beige coins from the site registration is available when. Income base coins or coins in a bit of the address are the legal address of the transaction.
You do not earn a few coins from the site if there is a link to all the coins in the base account of the coins earned a bit of the address will be stored on the coins in the base. Next out of there any place you can transaction bits coins.
The importance of the use of addresses in the address as the user name Bitcoins?
We share a bit of work necessary to address a variety of coins to be attached to such funds, Bitcoins or a payment gateway, etc., send somewhere else. In this case, we have seen a copy of the 34 digits to better address at which to share, or a victim of harassment. Because the transaction is a few coins to the address in the address is the address of a change of digits But then all will become garbled as payment at another address may be gone, Beat your account will be coins or minus income. So you’re going to do, or where the transactions do not reheat to confirm the client’s address at As well as to confirm your address at will. Please type in the site address at the base of coins slash type your username. We were able to clear it. The username and use the advantage of knowing that you will be dealing with a bit of a coin from him to spend about such username and else, such a statement. When a visitor enters your username and URL will be able to easily manage your bits coins.
How to create a username?
So constantly have to be made to the address on coins base. Any address that you can use as a transaction here. However, to properly address will be. To create the user name to log on first base to access your coins here. To access the account settings options. Go to the bottom part of the Payment Page My Profile. Username / Referral: a username, according to the liking of the day. Finally, click on save option in the View your payment page at coin base will see your username.
The username can be changed up to 5 times the limit.If you break the terms of the policy.  As a result, base authorities coins or delete your account, you can cut a bit earn coins. So consider it superior to judiciously use the username.

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