What is web design and development? Basic knowledge for beginners.

What is web design and development? Basic knowledge for beginners?
Web design is to create a website’s the look and feel. Main works of web designing- Create a template for the site, there will be no application. Like-Login system, newsletter signup, pagination, uploads the file to be saved to the database, image manipulation, if you have ads on each page load time of this application to change the advertising, web application.These are to create a site without a programming language to create applications type design, these designs can say. Map Create design concept is being used normally. The need to know to learn web design
HTML: It’s a mark-up Language, programming language is very easy to learn.
CSS: Mark-up Language
Photoshop: Here you will learn that the main task of PSD to HTML applications (PSD to HTML) made the banner, button, they will learn to create animations. In addition you can learn how to create animations with Flash.
How to Learn Web Design
You can learn web designing easily from various websites.
Web Design Development
What is Web Development?
Application for the Web sites of the development apps that you’ve mentioned, these are more than a thousand applications, Web developers can create applications that fit the needs of the client, even if the freelancing to create applications that take more than the existence of the Application designed to and more precise application development said. The need to know to learn web development HTML, CSS, and then the lower triangle.
Databases: PHP: how to connect to the database, the database means need to know design that may be made with the database because of any dynamic site database, or you can say now is have the database.
Any to framework Codi go lighter: (there are more, such as cake PHP, Jenda framework, symphony, Wi-IIT, etc.): In addition to the web application to create a framework, but it will take longer and longer to write code.
XML: XML is to create Web applications
How to learn web development
There are many sites of these tutorials to learn English to Bengali, Wrox publication or Après have many good books to help them for development most effective strategy is to “sit down and create a project” could be a forum, blog, user management Systems or any project of this kind. raw PHP development framework with the CMS development.
Web development takes a lot of patience to learn the hard and with a lot of interest in the case or freelance Web developer needs more and more interest.

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