What is youtube all about & Youtube information technology

Most of the user will not store song in PC. If he wants to listen any song then he will search through the what is youtube all about. He will not spoil or decrease the space of the hard disk to store song in PC. News, entertainment and so many things YouTube has taken a leading position. It is the famous video sharing site.
So some important information about YouTube is that:

> YouTube was started its journey in 2005. The founder of YouTube was shade hurl, StevenChan and jawedKarim. These three persons was worked together at online transaction platform PayPal. But the problem has been occurred when online bid website eBay is bought the PayPal. After losing the job they think that what the next they will do. At this time they get idea of the YouTube then they was starting their journey with YouTube.

> YouTube is famous for us as a video sharing site. But in the starting of the YouTube, there is no commitment that YouTube will perform as a video sharing site. The three entrepreneur want to prepare an online video dating site. Where a user can upload a video about his own as well as from numerous video he can find his lovable person.

> The co-founder of YouTube named jawedKarim was born in Germany. His father was Bangladeshi and his mother was German. He has completed his study from United States and living there permanently. In the YouTubeKarim upload the first video. The first video that the Karim was uploaded in YouTube called “me at the zoo” and it was the zoo visiting experience of the jawed. The duration of this video was 19 seconds and still now the video is showed 23 million times.

> According to the Alexa ranking the position of the YouTube is third as a world’s most visited sites. The upper position than the YouTube is that google and Facebook. But the main point is that in YouTube there is no search engine option but the search amount of the YouTube is greater than combine with Bing, asked.com and yahoo.  According to the amount of search YouTube remains after the google.

> The magnificence can be understood through the little statistics. In YouTube about 1:30 hour’s video has been uploaded in every second. If we tell this in a bigger size then we can tell 100 hour for every minute or 250 days equal to every hour. In the last of the year the amount is that 58 centuries. After seeing all the videos from YouTube, if user take some plan then it will better to discard this.

> In YouTube that video which is visited in a greater amount is that the South Korean singer Sai’s “Gangnam style”. The video has been seen about 200 corers. Before this the most visited video was the pop singer of the Canada called Justin bibber. His song “baby” still now was visited about 119 corers times.

> If you have large amount of free time than you can see the video which takes a lot of time. To finish this video you must take 25 days. The duration of this video is 596 hours 31 minutes 20 seconds and this video made by the apps developer called Jonathon Hendrik.

> YouTube is not only an entertainment site but also most of the users take YouTube as an earning source. To upload unique video or special video it is very easy to earn money from YouTube. The statistics says that in whole world of the 30 countries about 0.1 million youtuber earns huge amount money from YouTube and the number is increasing day by day.

> Every year YouTube arranges a program for April fool. A various programs they are arranged to make fool the user. In 2009, 1st April YouTube makes the whole website capsize. As a result to see video the user faces many hazards.

> After the establishment of YouTube, tech giant google purchases YouTube within one year. The estimated cost bear by the google was 165 corers dollar. In 2013 google earns 150 corers dollar from YouTube.

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