What will you do if your computer is attacked by virus?

You are using a computer yet you do not become a victim of the virus is a rare incident. If you use the internet then it is no matter to talk. Because of the virus, in general, work occurs hindrance to inactivity in the computer is the incident in which minimum to maximum people falls in.
What will you do in this situation? It is better to become aware than to take treatment being ill, from this rule it is the best to take steps so that virus can not harm. One part of virus guard which is an antivirus check, If there is any virus or not before using any file.
attacked by virus

Still, antivirus can identify new virus there is no assurance. Who make virus their main motive is to deceit antivirus. As a result, you use antivirus, yet virus attacks. What will you do in that case? There are different types of virus. On another way to say, can do various types of harm can reduce computer’s speed, delete files, Can delete hard disk completely, even there is the example to destroy the motherboard. Necessary steps can be different according to the different virus.
Normally the work you will do:  If antivirus is not installed then install it. Install its last update and scan in the computer. To know about new virus updates are released within few hours, so there is a possibility to remove problems. Some viruses make hindrance install antivirus, or make inactive to antivirus which is installed before. You notice there is a virus, but antivirus cannot find out that, In that case, try by another antivirus. In that case, boot from the portable drive (flash drive or other) and scan from there. For this, there is special version. Because of the special virus, establishers of antivirus give opportunities to scan on the internet.
Maximum antivirus pf software’s trial version can be used without cost for a few days. If you cannot scan the computer in that situation you need to scan by the help of any other computer. Scan by opening hard disk or by the network. 
* In the time of using internet use antispyer. 
*don’t go every kind of site .pirated software sites, hacker sites, pornography sites etc are the main sources of spreading virus .book mark on the websites which you use regular and use from there.
*don’t click on every cove table advertisement you see. 
*don’t give your email here and there. 
*don’t open the unknown and doubtful email.
The method of doing this task is called scan. When any antivirus opens the main program, there the word scan is found. After installing antivirus, if you scan the whole computer one then you can remain tension free because on the time of using the new file, the other parts of memory -guard antivirus check virus spontaneously.

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