Whatever my computer so slow ? Then choose a fast computer permanently! The win brings ran!

Whatever the reason, the solution to the  my computer so slow? you will find mine consistently. In today’s post, we will see how the construction was slow because of the computer and how fast it can be done. Basically, the hardware of the computer is slow to upgrade to the hardware. Let’s see which are responsible for any hardware computer upgrade will be slow.
The computer’s physical memory RAM
Computer memory (RAM – Random Access Memory) is the computer memory in the form of high performance. When the computer’s temporary memory to run the program when it is submitted. The more you run the program files will be stored in computer memory and higher will reduce the amount of empty space. Now, if you run several programs at the computer together and all of the program memory is not enough space to store temporary files and the files are stored on the hard drive. The problem is that the hard drive of a computer RAM memory (disk cache) much slow. As a result of these circumstances, your computer will be much slow. The thing is, the more memory your computer has a fast computer will be higher.
Graphics card – for desktops.
Computer Operating Systems
If your computer is old and it is unlikely to be too much RAM connection, moreover, if you’re a laptop user does not have the opportunity to upgrade the graphics card then? The two options for you Firstly bought a new computer (if it was not, however, need to watch my tune) and secondly light operating system.
Solid State Drive – SSD
To be used Responsible for many parts of the hard drive of the computer is slow. In this case, the computer is the best solution if you want to fast Solid State Drive – SSD to be used. Although the prices of SSD is too expensive to use. Because if you want to buy a 128 GB SSD drives cost of 6,000-7,000.

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