Why is digital marketing important to businesses brand manager and marketing professional?

Why is digital marketing important to businesses brand manager and marketing professional? Digital marketing is not only for marketing strategy but also it is future of all marketing and with very soon digital marketing gain the position of all traditional marketing. At present most the larger company has been used digital marketing to reach their service or product into the customer. So for every brand and brand manager digital marketing is very important.
The every stage of digital you can measure. Which digital is effective for you? The number of likes and everyday which amount of people has been added. In website every day which amount of people has become visited can measurable but in terms of TV and newspaper it is impossible. You are in access 24/7- even when your office is closed then also digital marketing continues its performance. If you have no access of web how you can expect the ultimate customer become find you?  In internet if you have magnificent content, product gallery, product review then people will able to find you. If you attached with customer through social media and answered of all their questions as well as built trust with them then the customer come to you. But the main fact is that you think as a brand manager and marketing professional your competitor get extra benefit because they know everything before. If your competitors using digital marketing with successfully then they are reach the new customer as well as old customer. And you are starting now. On the basis of online statistics 92% business organization get customer through blogging. In social media about more than 100% lead has come more than other marketing. About 77% business organizations get new customer from online. You must remind that your customer most of the time remains in online and this number is increasing day by day, as a brand manager you must find them in online. So online digital marketing gives you some strategy that helps to go ahead from your competitor.

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