WIFI is the part of wireless local area network.

The full name of WLAN is that wireless local area network which is known as WIFI. The specific area or same building, closely related house or office/court or the computers, printers or instead of the cable in other special device in the apartment to exchange data without cable is called wireless local area network.
history of WIFI

To make such type of network needs a modem and a wireless router. If any computer has installed wireless adapter or wireless then this network will help to share internet connection. After 1990 the journey of wireless networking has been started. Most of the people think that it is generating after the period of 1800. Famous astrologer and singer sir William Hershel (1738-1822) inferred in 1991 created NCR Corporation 802.11 with T & D Corporation. This WIFI is not called WIFI after 1991. In august, 1999 WIFI alliance inter-brand corporation which is the brand consulting company has been bought to create a good name instead of “IEEE 802.11B direct sequence”. Then Interbrand Corporation created the name WIFI instead of IEEE 802.11B direct sequence.
When WIFI zone is called?

When large area based on WIFI network is Called WIFI zone when hotspot is created in the combination of More than one access point/antenna. 

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