Windows 10 features. Why is it called windows 10?

At last for the user the most desirable day has come. Because a window 10 has been released and it is open for all users that Microsoft released recently. It takes 9 month to release. Windows insiders that means those are using the experiment version of windows 10 and others who have updated version of windows 7 and 8.1 and OS, they will get the upgrade version of  why is it called windows 10 .
Others will get from first august the operating system upgrade version.
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If you have windows 7 or windows 8.1 genuine versions then from the releasing date of windows 10 you can get free upgrade version for 1 year. If you have update version of windows 7 or windows 8.1 then check software update and you will get information about new update. You will get notification in your desktop if you reserve it before. The insider members of windows 10 the upgrade version of windows 10 can use with free through insider login. But if you buy this then the approximate cost of windows 10 home version will 119 dollar and windows 10 pro version will 199 dollar.
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System requirement:
 If you have been operating windows 7, then it also will operate windows 10. The necessary structure which is needed to operate windows 10 such as: maximum 1 GIGABYTE processor, 1 GB RAM, or 2 GB RAM (64 BIT), 16 GB HARD DISK (32 BIT), OR 20 GB SPACE (64 BIT) and direct 9 compatible video card and WDDM driver.

Windows 10 will come with little size menu. But if you want, you can make it as your wish. It is availability of start button, universal app; digital assistant Cortina etc. in windows 10 will available new internet browser “Microsoft age” as well as windows 10 delete some old features.

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