Within 3 months the number of sales of samsung galaxy s3 phone & samsung galaxy s3 features

The demand of galaxy series from smart phone user is usual. That’s why the phone of galaxy series is very familiar to worldwide. From the press briefing of Samsung says that over the world the number of sales of samsung galaxy s3 phone is more than 2 corers. We get the news the news agency of AFP. Only three months ago samsung galaxy s3 phone was released. It is recorded in term of selling galaxy series. Among these set 6,000,000 sold in Europe. In Asia and Europe has been sold 4,500,000 smart phone. 
For the improvement the selling of galaxy S3, the Samsung authority says that samsung galaxy s3 phone sales three times faster than galaxy S2 and six times faster than the first series of galaxy S. In samsung galaxy s3 phone has face recognition technology; crystal voice activated control as well as highly processor that make the phone faster. Another succession has been added among the succession of Samsung that is they win the writ against the apple. The conflict between apple and Samsung is very old in terms of technology equity and it has been running continuously. Last 24th august the court of California gave the judgment for apple and ordered Samsung to give compensation for 105 corers dollar. But the court of Japan disavowed the claim of the apple and Samsung was not stolen any technology from apple. Samsung claims that in galaxy S series they used the technology of apple.

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