Without data cable file transfer phone to pc & file transfer pc to phone

Without data cable it is possible to file transfer phone to pc & file transfer pc to phone. That means any movie, song, software or big size zip file. Lane to lane transfer with full speed. Install the “SHAREIT” software in your PC. Then insert the device in your USB port and download the device software.
Now click IDS_SWITCH_MODE_STATION from “main menu” and press the button of “ids switch”. Now open “SHAREIT” software in your PC and click send button. Then select those file which you transfer. Then click the next. Now open “SHAREIT” from your mobile and click “receive” and send the file with normal system. Now you can send file from PC to mobile and mobile to PC.
How you are using WIFI:
-To use WIFI your mobile or pc must have internet. The internet connection may be modem, broadband or others.
-Then insert the into the USB port similar to the pen drive. Install the software as well as internet has become WIFI hotspot.
-You can’t use directly SIM / broadband line in WIFI router.
-It is USB Portable Wi-Fi Router. The function is that connect your PC/laptop internet with WIFI.
-You can accomplish those tasks through this device:
-The internet of PC/laptop can use other mobile/tab/laptop/PC.
-Again mobile internet or other WIFI internet can use in other PC, and then it functions as a WLAN card.
-Using two devices you can share the internet of one PC from other PC.
-Through WIFI receiver you can transfer file from mobile or PC.
-Using WIFI application you can shut down your PC through phone. You can also control power point presentation.
-It also provides cloud storage benefits.
-Range: 1000+ square feet.
-Simultaneously you can connect 30 devices.
-You can protect by using password.
-Speed UPTO 150Mbps.

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