Without password user can use IOS 6.1 & IOS operating system

WORLD wide million of I phone user set their password to control undesired login. But IOS operating system controlled after installing the update version of this last software of this handset, it can’t provide better security than before because a loophole has opened door for the hacker.
Some special system iPhone email, contacts, text message, voice mail and video calling feature have been used without password during locked by IOS 6.1 operating system. Technology and electronics gadget based blog tech crunch has recognized this bug as a big back door of the IOS 6.1. In before IOS 4.1 has captured same problem in software. In this system dialing emergency number and cut that call and press a number of buttons to keep unlocked mode through making the device fool. Mainly in this process user can access I phone “phone app” and use call log, messages etc this types of service.
But recently these types of security-based bug have seen in not only apple but also big company such as Microsoft software. But apple always think their device is more secure than other company device. But last some years “Mac defender” and for other virus the company faces some complaints. The antivirus founder company CEO EUGENE KASPERSKY said,” in terms of security apple has backed 10 years from Microsoft”.  

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