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Best affordable android smartphones to buy | best budget android phone

You are likely to come across numerous smartphone devices today, but iOS and Android smartphones are the most popular mobile devices operating systems. They account for approximately 95% of smartphones operating systems in the market offering the best affordable android smartphones.  The two operating systems provide users with thousands of exciting features.

However, there are many reasons to make you opt for an Android smartphone rather than an iPhone. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should buy an Android phone over an iPhone:

1. Best affordable android smartphones offer more free games and apps

This is one of the main reasons to consider purchasing an Android smartphone. Although both Google and Apple play stores contain more than 800,000 different apps that can be downloaded, you are guaranteed of more free games and apps from the Android market as opposed to the Apple store. For instance, the angry birds game is sold at $0.99 in the Apple store, but you can download it free of charge from the Google store. 

2. Best budget android phone is easy to customize

An Android Smartphone will provide you with many customization options. It is easy to change the settings for nearly everything. Also, all mobile apps downloaded from the Google play store are compatible with all Android devices making customization easy.

3. Open source platform

Android has an open source operating platform. This gives room for many support developers to expand and cultivate for their system. Additionally, users have the freedom to share their applications and ideas without being concerned about license issues.

4. Google products connection

Because Google owns Android, the operating system is connected to all available Google products such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google+, Google Maps and many others. Once you have purchased an android phone, all settings, and data related to Google services including Google Picasa, Google Talk, and others, will be copied to your device automatically. This gives you the access to many other applications that can be used between PC and phone.

5. Flexible widgets

Another significant reason why Android phones are the best is that it is easy to put widgets on the home screen. This allows easy and quick access to apps on your device. Also, you are in a position to view all the information you might need on the home screen at a glance without the need to fire an app up. This is not the case with iPhones since they do not allow widget placement on their home screen.

6. Best battery android phone support from many vendors

Unlike many other mobile operating systems such as Symbian and iOS that are directly controlled by their manufacturers, Android has numerous manufactures support such as Sony, Samsung, LG, and HTC. Even computer vendors including Dell and Acer now support Android-based devices. This offers users with a wide variety of choices to choose from.

7. Custom launchers

If you do not find the launcher that comes with your Android device attractive, it is easy for you to replace it with another launcher of your choice. There are many launcher apps in the market to choose from. This allows you to tweak things from your device home screen layout and place them on your page gestures and transitions. The good thing about these launchers is that there are no risks involved, and you will open up endless possibilities.

8. Custom ROMs

It is easy to customize your device’s stock ROM if need be. This serves to boost the performance of your smartphone and gain access to additional tools and add-ons. However, doing this needs professional assistance for best results. If you have to do it yourself, it is wise you exercise a high degree of carefulness to ensure that things run smooth.

9. Best affordable android phone allows the installation of any app

Apple controls what you install on your device. It prevents you from running apps that are not available on their app store. However, this is not the case with Android. You can run almost every app without any restrictions from Google. People looking to run a variety of apps on their device should consider buying an android phone.

10. Best low cost android smartphone has no censorship

When you purchase an iPhone, Apple censors contents on your device. It has banned the use of ‘phone story’ and several other apps before. This means that it decides what users do with their devices. Unlike iPhone, Android does not censor your device content. You are free to do whatever you wish with your device the moment you purchase it. This is why Android phones will continue to dominate the smartphone market.
There are numerous other reasons to purchase an Android phone. Its Google navigation is one of a kind and promises much to users. Itunes is not that necessary for Android devices. Android has its problems, but the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. There is so much to take from an Android phone compared to iPhone. The fact that Apple controls and censors what users do with their devices are a good reason to buy an android phone and avoid such censorships.

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