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What is the best cell phone to buy now regard all operating systems, sizes and prices. The most important factor in any smartphone purchase is to make sure it meets your needs above all else. Fancy gimmicks and larger displays don’t always mean a better experience or a device suited for you.

1. iPhone 6 

best cell phone to buy The iPhone 6 best cell phone to buy now and for being the most optimized at everything. Want a device for calls and messages? This one does it best, no extra gimmicks, no unnecessary features. Want a device for gaming and productivity? This device does everything. Apple’s first smartphone offering with a display larger the 4″.

The device itself is very attractive, feels good in the hand and is neither large nor too small. Best developer support and the latest iOS 8.1 update brought stability and the long awaited Apple Pay system for mobile payments. An all around great smartphone that goes beyond the basic functions of a smartphone.



2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

best cell phone to buy The very reason the iPhone 6 Plus exists, the samsung galaxy note 4 is the pillar of all large phones. A phone that is reassured in itself and only made better being the 4th generation. Build quality is definitely improved with an aluminum bend running around the device and a soft leatherette plastic backing.

Samsung really created ripples in the smartphone market with this guy. Jam packed with features, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in a league of it’s own as a pure productivity machine. The S pen is a notable feature as well that is certainly not a gimmick and carries with it a slew of features.

3. iPhone 6 Plus

best cell phone to buy Apple’s first mammoth iPhone. In all honestly, it just feels like a larger iPhone 6. That is not in any way a detriment. The iPhone 6 Plus manages to fit a higher resolution, better battery life and optical image stabilization in a larger shell. The software has various tweaks that separate it from the iPhone 6.

It definitely makes sense in Apple’s product lineup and was embraced with open hands by many fans. Many bugs and software mishaps made for a rocky start but iOS 8.1 and 8.1.1 fixed up most of the bugs plaguing iOS 8.

A great phone that should’ve been made ages ago. The iPhone 6 Plus is a productivity monster and perfect for viewing entertainment on. Definitely not a one handed device though.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5

best cell phone to buyThe Samsung Galaxy S5, the best cell phone to buy now, is the Android equivalent of the iPhone 5S. It’s a phone that does everything you need it to do. A sturdy IPV6 waterproof construction ensures that you’ll be prepared for any weather or summer getaway. The Galaxy S5 will soon be receiving an Android L update soon that will ensure the best features and best performance.

Slick, fast and full of power, this device will stick around for quite some time to come. The 5.1 HD display is stunning especially in sunlight. Jam packed with features like a heart rate sensor, infrared sensor and a slew of software features which you will never use.

Things like ultra power saving mode or downloads booster can make day to day experience much more enjoyable.

5. LG G3

best cell phone to buyAn upgrade from the LG G2, the G3 is a device that appeals to many with its large display and a body that is only just larger than other devices on this list. It’s also one of the very first devices to launch with a Quad HD display, 2560 x 1440 pixels, more than any other smartphone out today. Unfortunately little content makes use of that today and it’s quite the detriment to battery life and power utilization.

The build quality isn’t anything to praise but there’s no doubt that’ it’s a good looking phone. LG has added plenty of functions to the G3, such as shortcuts and an array of software features like display space and dual app views.

4K video thanks to the impressive camera is actually quite stunning. You but the LG G3 to get  a stunning display in an otherwise regular phone.

6. HTC One M8

best cell phone to buy nowEvolved from the HTC one, the HTC M8 is a seamless experience between design and software. An aluminum unibody design is beautiful and fits well in the hand. It’s running Sense 6.0 with Android 4.4 KitKat.

A full 5 inch full HD display along with a 2800mAh battery makes for a killer combination. All day battery life while viewing all of your content in full HD. Extreme power saver mode also exists if you need to preserve precious battery life.

The camera has some impressive features such as Duo Camera which can easily refocus images after taking them, other than that there is not too much in terms of quality to praise. It’s a fast and all around well polished daily device that is best suited for people who want a phone that has design, power and a great user experience blended into one.

7. Nexus 6

best cell phone to buy nowThe Nexus 6, the best cell phone to buy now, represents a full 180 degree turn for google in their phone selling strategy. What was once a contract free device is now bound to carrier contracts and received a major price bump.

The Nexus 6 is Google’s stab at major competition. Loaded with the latest in technology, it features 3Gb ram and a 2.7 Ghz processor. This thing is huge though, a 5.9 inch display dominates the phone and makes it that much bigger than the Note 4 and iPhone 6.

The hardware is truly impressive but is it really worth a hefty 650 dollar price tag?

8. Moto X

best cell phone to buy nowThe 2nd generation of its family, the Motorola X has a lot going for it in terms of creativity. It’s not often we see a brand new phone with a wooden or leather backing choice.

Boosted to offer a 5.2 inch display, the actual phone fits very comfortably in your hand. All in all though theres nothing in particularly special to speak of. It’s a good phone and all but it doesn’t do much to stand out, it’s just good.

Weaknesses lie in the camera which needs a bunch of work and there is not removable MicroSD card which many competitors offer. The Moto X is a good choice for those who want a pure Android experience and like the size of a larger phone.

9. iPhone 5S

best cell phone to buy nowNow here’s a phone that I will never fail to appreciate. The iPhone 5S is a phone that is perfect for anybodies needs, it can do everything. From fast web browsing to movies to games, this phone is a gem. The iPhone 5S was replaced by the iPhone 6 but is not obsolete, for people sticking to smaller displays, the iPhone 5S is in a league of it’s own.

Comfort is a major point, with larger display we give up so much to enjoy more pixels and a larger viewing area.The iPhone 5S, the best cell phone to buy now, fits perfectly in the hand.

Display is on point, retina display as Apple calls it. Battery life is sufficient for a full day and it’s received a price cut due to the release of the iPhone 6. A phone that can be recommended to anybody.

10. Sony Xperia Z3

best cell phone to buy nowIn last place is the Sony Xperia Z3, the current flagship model. It’s an incredibly refined phone, a very comfortable design makes it easy on the hand. The 5.2 inch display is sharp but doesn’t do the OS justice as it’s cluttered with Sony’s custom skin that gives Android a bad name.

Hardware is speedquick though and although it doesn’t compare quality wise with Samsung’s offering, it holds its ground as a phone that does everything you need it to do. Not to mention it’s waterproof too!

11. iPhone 6S

best cell phone to buy nowThis is going to be one of the most anticipated phones this year and ever. After the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the best cell phone to buy now, rollout that backed up orders for months, how good can this thing be?

Expected changes are as usual. A smaller yet faster processor that is more energy efficient. 2GB of ram would be nice seeing how the iPhone 6 is cruising along with just 1GB. Battery life will see some improvement thanks to iOS 9 which it will be launching with. The camera will receive a slight bump to 10 or 12mp seeing how it’s behind in terms of numbers. It’s more than likely that the design will remain as is, why change something that doesn’t need fixing?

12. iPhone 5C

addiction to cell phoneWhat’s to happen with the old iPhone 5C among the release of more powerful products? Apple has managed to capture most of the market with their iPhone lineup. People with money at their disposal opt for newer and faster hardware while people looking for a cheaper phone stick with the iPhone 5C.

Apple won’t leave a hole in their lineup so it’s entirely plausible that an updated version of the iPhone 5C could be among the upcoming smartphones in 2015.

A screen size bump could be possible and it would most likely receive the processor of the iPhone 5S in order to keep costs lower. This still leaves a gap for another iPhone though.

13. New iPhone 4-inch

addiction to cell phoneWhy must people who want the latest and greatest tech and a smaller form factor be forced to purchase outdated hardware such as the iPhone 5S? The new iPhone 4-inch would replace the iPhone 5S with the latest hardware but retain its screen size. Not everyone likes having a larger phone and would choose to keep a smaller one.

14. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

addiction to cell phoneThe Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the best cell phone to buy now, will have some big shoes to fill. The Success of the note 4 was partly because of the updated and beautiful design, new features and blazing fast hardware. That’s going to be hard to top.

The Note 5 could possibly be the very first smartphone offered by Samsung to feature a 4K UHD display on a smartphone. A 2160×3840 display with a 746 PPI on a smartphone seems crazy but it’s inevitably where the future is heading.

A 6 inch display isn’t out of the question and an updated version of the S pen with new features is likely.

15. Samsung Galaxy S6

addiction to cell phoneThe number one change expected of the Galaxy S6, the best cell phone to buy now, is for it to be encased in aluminum instead of the current plastic that chips after months of use. A curved aluminum chassis and edge to edge display will but almost guarantee a gorgeous design.

A 64 bit CPU will power the device along with 3GB of ram. Operating system will be Android Lollipop. This is Samsung’s flagship phone, it’s not likely to be a flop.



16. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

addiction to cell phoneAn interesting concept, unique in nature. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of the upcoming smartphones that has already been fully revealed. It will be out in November to December time in 2015 and features an edge notification view that’s never need done before.

It begs the question though, is this truly a needed feature or will it fade into obscurity along with curved displays and 3D?

17. HTC One M9

addiction to cell phoneHTC isn’t likely to stray too far with the HTC One M9. The beautiful design of the previous model was one of its best selling points. Very little is currently known about this upcoming device but it’s expected to run Android Lollipop when it drops.

18. Google Project Ara

Originally created by Motorola but acquired by google after the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, rest assured, Project Ara is in the right hands. Essentially the concept starts with a skeleton, each cube or rectangle is a part such as battery pack, processor or camera. You can easily remove, replace and add on any extra features that you desire.

For example, perhaps you want extra battery life and don’t use the NFC, simply remove the NFC unit and replace it with the battery unit, done! You can even make custom textures for it using a 3D printer. Probably the most customizable and truly unique smartphone to ever hit the shelves.

19. LG G4

addiction to cell phoneLG’s G4 is rumored to receive a reduction in screen size to 5.3 inches which would make handling a touch easier. A 20.7MP sensor might grace this beast and a slightly more premium metal finish would be nice. Battery life is reported by many to be one of the worst parts of owning the LG G3 so some work there is also to be expected.

20. New Google Nexus 6

Where can google take the Nexus phones series next? The Nexus 7 is a tablet, can’t use that name so the New Nexus 6 it is. Android M will of course be a given, the flagship needs the best software. Seeing a contract free Nexus 6 for a cheaper price would be amazing as that’s how the phone series started, it’s quite sad to see Google forget the nature of this device. Speed, resolution and camera is all expected to see a bump.

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