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You should be aware of that the best coaxial cable considering customer’s review has been around really a long time and really got its start in the early part of the 19th century. Sometimes in nineteen twenties, it was brought actually by the military in the early days of working with electrical wiring and especially using for signaling purpose not for power purposes.…..Are you looking coaxial cable to BUY? or searching suitable coaxial cable?Great!……..At first, See the below’s VIDEO as a guideline to find out the best coaxial cable for you. Only pass few minutes to see this video to gather knowledge about it  🙂 ……. then scroll below to see our recommended coaxial cables for you
ImageProduct nameSize (Feet)Uses/SpecificationPrice
ImageProduct nameSize (Feet)Uses/SpecificationPrice
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We had two things you initially powered things like light bulbs and motors and things like that with electricity and then later on we figured out that we could also use that wire to some signals to something to control things now the difference between. The two is the amount of current or power being drawn and anytime you put current a conductor is going to read some form of magnetic field. We call electromagnetic interference in. For instance here’s a power cord. It goes off over here to my lights and it is putting out electrical electromagnetic field as well and I put a basic phone device. There something you don’t feel and you don’t see it. But it is definite that in these lower small signal cables like the best coaxial cable for long runs can put out a magnetic field as well and before there is co-actor is just electrical wiring that they were utilized. The difference between the two wires was the part of the wire going down this magnetic field being created pretty big. Because the current draw down and the best coaxial cable for long runs is pretty large compared to the amount of power being used to current being drawn in a small signal type conductor and so the magnetic fields in the power lines were causing problems with the signal cabling.So we started watering the aircraft and ships and things like that they were running interference problems and you know about the pilot might be talking to somebody in the back of the plane and during that process the bomb-bay doors opened up and a couple bottoms accidentally dropped that one supposed to and so that we have to come up with a shielded cable minutes exactly where the best coaxial cable for long runs  kind of gets us start and when it isn’t mentioned before the military kind of really brought it out.So when I say rg6 or RG something. The RG actually stands for radio grade or you get there actually is an organism would actually met. But it is a military specification. so sometimes you might hear some standards call it out series 6, the best coaxial cable for long runs and it’s the same stuff is just that they might call it series 60 rg6 and we should realize.That there’s literally hundreds and hundreds of types of the best coaxial cable for long runs available out there today for all kinds of applications that you can dream up and when I look at the best coaxial cable for long runs in order by with video cable we use for cable TV and satellite applications. we utilize what’s referred to as 75 ohm the best coaxial cable for long runs so rg59 rg6 rd6 quadrant 37 rg11 was about a bigger and your finger are also 50 cables you might see used in the best coaxial cable for long runs industry and that means the TVs set-top box. The blue-ray players are all built to be around the city five homes of impedance so as a signal travels down the conductor.It’s a device and it seems kind of a level playing field and that’s what we want to have it will talk more about this city 51 stuff later but you don’t always co axes at all wire basically used for signaling purposes can be thought of as a pipeline in the bigger this pipeline the frequency range of the cabling the more information we can pass down the pipe and cable industry is more TV channels.We can get to you as well so the best coaxial cable for long runs has lots of purpose and effective in the beginning. almost all computer network really utilize  the best coaxial cable for long runs somewhere down the road into smooth migrate away from co action going to category cabling but Cox’s said been around a long time now.We look at the construction of the best coaxial cable for long runs when I cut the wire and I look at what’s down inside here the first thing I’ll see the center of the table is a conductor in the center and gross that is our center conductor indicate Lee and that actually carries the signals force the best coaxial cable for long runs is referred to as a unbalanced signal where the shield the cables are zero reference or grounding system and all the signals actually travel down the center conductor and that sir conductor can be copper coated steel which is only what will see the satellite and cable industry or it could be standard copper one of the two. Now why don’t we want solid copper wouldn’t that be better well. Actually it’s not it in we look at copper coated steel as extra strength we pull on it a little further.The best coaxial cable for long runs was just a solid copper center conductor and then we look at the signal being utilized. Here they’re very high frequencies. We talk about hundreds of millions of hurts. you know when I say it’s a hundred million hurts that means little signals aside the King Lear turn it on and off a hundred million times a second that’s pretty fast at very high frequencies the electrons as they travel down a conductor will tend to travel through the outer parts of the conductor and it’s called skin effect and that is not true it normally see which is it like 60 Hertz very low frequency comparison to something like this and that’s what we can get away with copper coated steel here and it’s 20 don’t forget to use in a pocket knife or razor night or something else to strip.The wire is referring to nick that big copper coating or worse scrapes some of it off and then the next thing you’ll see when you look at inside the cable is a white material and the white material is referred to as a dielectric is the turn for ok those dielectric can and so dial left trick and that’s that right material right there ok now the dielectric has one main purpose and by the best dielectric in the world is air and everything is based off you know compared to air but you can’t use air. Here the second conductor in the cabling is a foil that wraps tightly around this dielectric in many cases that foil in that dielectric are glued or bonded together.So there’s a foil here okay. The main purpose of the dielectric is to keep the two conductors in a Caitlyn which is the foil the braids and the center conductor the exact same distance away from each other throughout the length of the wire now you heard me call this cable 75 ohms a couple times. Now 75 ohms of what we call impedance, there’s something referred to as capacitive reactance and you get two conductors very close together a capacitor charges chart in between them and when we change.The distance between the two conductors change what we call the capacitive reactance in the best coaxial cable for long runs which changes this impedance and Aquila and so when I keep the cabling really bad. I’ve changed that distance. So right now this cable at this point is right and there is not solely for homes like we wanted to be and while straightening. The wire out may help with some. We just keep it too tight because we’re afraid of changing.This distances between the two are very important to sync cable manufacturers that when they made the cable the center conductor wasn’t exactly in the center of the cabling the scrap. you know several hundred thousand feet of cable because that one product is it wasn’t going to be against 35 all ok that’s the purpose of your dielectric now foil actually have a couple of purposes. It’s just a basic aluminum foil that is wrapped around the wire and we’ve already talked about BMI electromagnetic interference and how conductor will radiate.That magnetic field well the center conductor is doing the same thing very little power. But it’s still reading feel and so that magnetic field is true trying to exit the cable and we don’t want to exit the wire we would like to the foil will actually diverted back to our center conductor force. So it basically helps us keep the signal on the wire and then the other thing purpose of that oil is to keep outside interference out as well and it will keep high noise high frequency noise from bothering what’s going on inside the center conductor and when I say high frequency noise. I’ll talk about RF signals to basically so that’s your radio stations and TV stations.You know airports anything that broadcast lots of heart Hyatt RF energy into the air. now outside of the foil is this stuff called Brady which is just a wire braid that is encompassed as the cabling as well and the braid can be made of many things but aluminum or copper generally in a lot of time to feed see referred to as a 60-percent braid or might be a four-year whatever when I say it’s a 60-percent brain which is kind of interesting for cable industry is saying that the weaving of the brain is covering up roughly sixty percent what’s under.The wire now the purpose is why we want braid. Saying to the foil the braid is designed to eliminate low-frequency noise from entering the key as well and I say low-frequency noise of talking normal AC and those kinds of frequencies that we might run across. So there’s a reason why we have the foil which is high frequency and the brain which will take out low-frequency noise and then on the outside all of that is generally a black sometimes white could be a couple different colors.It’s a jacket of some sort and that jacketing material can be made many things a lot of times PVC but you know, we’re going for platinum rating or something like that might be something different and so that is the construction of a coax cable and why you don’t really want to form it is. if you can avoid that during installation to put our parcels of putting a connector or something like that on the term coaxial coax he’ll relax the turn coax comes from the fact that there are two conductors in a kick in the cable one again is the second option is boiler and braiding they share the same Center access or axis in the King which is the center of the wire.That so the center conductor and the brain both share the same Center access in the cabling and that’s why the cables called co-axial because we got they both share the same center axis well there is the construction of coax cable and a few things to know about it and make sure you watch part 2 of the series because they’re going to give you kind of a close-up of the different components inside.

Differences in Coaxial Cables

The differences between our CCTV killed coaxial cables serial digital coaxial cables and catv coaxial cables first thing to recognize on coaxial cables as there’s an RG in front of it that our G stands for the radio God or radio grade depending on who you talk to there’s a number. After that either 5906 or an 11-1 rg59 is a 20 gauge and rg6 is an 18-gauge rg11 is a 14-gauge. Now I say these are g but these are all types rg59 type the RG radio. God radio great is an old military spec that was created back in the nineteen fifties these are a type of design similar to those designs of early coaxial cables so when you’re specifying an RG cable rg6.We have to make sure what application goes into rg6 can be a CCTV, CATV or digital cable design. So when specifying rg6 makes sure you clarified what the application is rg6 CCTV or rg6 CATV looking at the design and it comes down to the design of the best coaxial cable for long runs. Because again you can specify in rg6 you can specify rg59. But as the manufacturer we have to know what the application is to fit that cable into that application requesting a CCTV cable is a baseband cable frequency ranges from 1 to 10 megahertz and most systems it utilizes a bear center conductor. The reason is because it’s a low-frequency all the electrons that’s transmitted from point A to point B in that coax are flouted throughout.The whole center conductor the dielectric can either be phone or solid insulation. Here west Penn we foam 95-98 percent of the best coaxial cable for long runs because we’re very efficient at it or by foaming. A coaxial cable will reduce its capacitance increases velocity of propagation. Some electrical characteristics the shield is where it is important for all the design and a CCTV we use a ninety-five percent copper braid. The reason is because number one we need to have a good return path or a ground path and aloe DC resistance that’s why we utilize bare copper on the braid also a braided shield will give you the best protection against any BMI which is low frequency noise trying to penetrate into that cable disrupted video.Now let’s jump down to CATV cables are our cable. Television is a higher frequency between 62 megahertz up into the gigahertz. so it’s a higher frequency the center conductor that utilize can either be a bear or a copper covered steel center conductor a lot of times we utilize copper covered steel because the frequency of rain a range.The electrons inside that center conductor become magnetized and shoot to the outside of the center conductor and travel down the outside of that center conductor this is called skin effect and that’s why we can utilize a less-expensive copper covered steel center conductor in a catv cable. But we do utilize bare copper for a lot of design and CATV because for satellite dishes and for other applications that the whole center conductor is needed to carry the electrons the dielectric again.It’s a phone installation. The shield this is where the differences come in we use a 100-percent aluminum foil which is the best protectant or protector against any RFI are high frequency noise penetrating into the cable and then we use a low-percentage aluminum braid aluminum we use aluminum here because catv cables are an inexpensive cable.We have to make them an expensive because of the volume is being used. So we use aluminum braid and aluminum is less expensive to look at the coverage only forty-five to sixty five percent and the reason is because we’re not really worried about the emi or low frequency noise penetrating. We have tried shield and we also have quad shield. A lot of residential buildings are using quality. Because of the shield effectiveness of that and it has four shields on it. Now looking at a seat SDI digital cable again utilizes a bear center conductor the insulation is a foamed installation can be a solid dependent.If it’s a precision but again 95/ 90 percent of our cables are phoned where the difference is live. We utilize a one-percent foil similar to the CATV design. The reason is because we want to block out any high frequency noise penetrating and then we also utilize and ninety-five percent in copper braid.The reason why we don’t use bare copper braid here because a bear and the 10r two opposing metals that will corrode each other but by using 95% tin copper braid will give us a low DC resistance similar to a CATV design so an SDI cable is the best of both worlds. The best coaxial cable gives you the best protection for low frequency and high frequency and this is the differences between CCTV SDI and catv coaxial cable design.

The difference between RG59 & RG6 coax cables

The difference in the thickness of the best coaxial cable copper wire is much superior to the sixth turning. It is this way you can see the diameter of the white foam insulator is greater on the sixth than the best coaxial cable is on the 59 and the quality of the mesh of this best coaxial cable is greater on the six than it is on the 59 and just generally all around. It’s the best coaxial cable for long runs by far and it maintains the signal integrity much greater on this thicker heavier gauge wire and the best coaxial cable does on the thinner one that’s for obvious reasons. So if you’re going to choose between the 2i would just default with a six and be happy with it and forget about the best coaxial cable 59. The price difference of these the best coaxial cable for long runs is not worth it to me might be to you. but this is the six is generally better off for cable and antenna satellite direct TV all that kind of stuff and they all use a six you wouldn’t really want to use a weaker cable.

Introduction to the Belden FSNS6U RG6 Coaxial Cable F Connector

Afcon universal F connector its part number: FS 6. you had a beautiful part about the best coaxial cable connector is that it’s one-piece construction and the best coaxial cable has a patented no wine entry system built into it .so what I’ve done here as I’ve already prepped the best coaxial cable for long runs and I’m going to show you how to install the best coaxial cable into the connector and then terminate the connector you simply push.The best coaxial cable for long runs into the connector and when you install it correctly you see that little plastic unit pops out and that tells you that you’ve answered the cable correctly into the connector. Now what you do is you grab your SLM tool. Simply put the connector into the tool and press it down one time and your complete. Now you have a successfully and stalled F connector on RG six cable.The other thing I want to share with you is that the best coaxial cable comes in green are the connectors and cream which allows the best coaxial cable to work on either rg6 quite sure that’s why it’s called and universe connector.

How to terminate RG6 quad shield coax cable

The determination is for our rg6 qua shield the best coaxial cable for long runs. First step is we’re going to go over the tools needed to do the job. Here you’re going to need a basic issue crimper. You’re going to need a stripper. This year is also a flaring tool. Just in case you will need to go over these of this and a little bit.You’re going to need your standard pair of cutters and you’re going to need your Universal rg6 ends and for outdoor use. You’re going to have your rubber boots will go over the use of those interpreting those on here in a minute and also some sort of color electrical tape to mark the end of your transmitter tableside up next.We’re going to show you a few examples of what wrong looks like as far as the ends on termination. Ok so a few examples of what bad looks like is if you have been demonstrated. Here you’re going to have the ideal situation is you want about a sixteenth of an inch past on your center conductor. Here on your Center core this here’s an example. The best coaxial cable is a good quarter inch long.This is considered too long and it can actually damage your connection. We go to screw this on another example is the opposite of that and it’s going to be to where someone’s taken a pair of dykes or some sort of a cutter after they’ve made their end and they’ve actually sits down into and shortened the actual center conductor. another example is someone who has made their hand and they put it on and they have crimped connection however they had to try wrench and force the best coaxial cable on and you end up with a bunch of section on your over here. Because you actually had to press that down but the main concern is and you can see in the center here is you end up with a crescent moon style shape there where you actually cut into the center dielectric and the dielectric is the white rubber set of fun part the middle.The last one we’re going to show you real quick is before you actually get to the connector is when you actually make your end. You want to make sure that you do not have any debris or anything wrapped around your Center core. Here’s an example where a few of the mesh braids had been wrapped around and we’re not cleaned off.So you want to ensure that those have been pulled back and not in the way when you go to make your end up next we’re going to actually go through and terminate the ends for indoor and outdoor and show the proper way all right. we’re going to go ahead and properly terminate our quad shield coax for indoor and outdoor use on are beset systems whether the best coaxial cable for long runs is a currents a system or the evo system one thing I would like to note is that on all terminations of for our satellite systems they need to be a 100 foot section of coax. If it is a few, she will few feet shy or a few feet more. That is ok but a hundred foot is the preferred amount I did want to point out one thing to help in assisting with this is that there are foot markers on the best coaxial cable every two feet.So the first we want to do is to take your pair of cutters and just make a slight incision in between here and we’re going to do is feel this apart all.You’re going to need is about eight to ten inches and you can pull back a little bit further that’s working for you and one thing you always want to make sure that you have a nice flush and so if you receive the best coaxial cable  or if you’re not sure how long.It’s been that way. So just go ahead and cut the ends off. So you know you have a nice flat surface to work the best coaxial cable.  Ok, the first thing we want to do is working on our outdoor table and the first thing I want to do is put a rubber boot on the cable before you actually begin to make this easier.If the best coaxial cable is dry and the food is also dry. Sometimes the best coaxial cable can be a little hard to get that on there so if you want to take some sort of a lubricant.You can do a quick spray to make this exception, a little bit easier for you. you’re simply going to put the best coaxial cable  on and you’re going to work this back and push it out of the way and we’ll come back to that so the first thing we’re going to do next is you’re going to take your pair of strippers. Put those on and get this flush with the wall and you’re just going to rotate the best coaxial cable around three or four times.Some things text will do if they will try to go several ways, one way and then go back the other way. This is not needed. So once you’re done you’re going to be able to put twist and pull this off. You’ll have your first section which pulls off and this gives us our quarter inch here and then you’re going to have your second section which gives us our second quarter inch. What you’re going to do is just kind of thumb back and you’re going to want to keep this metal mesh a common mistake is to cut this mesh off and we want to make sure not to do that.Here there’s one little strand that didn’t quite cut right. So you can trim them down to size once you have those all thumb back. We’re going to peel back just the first layer of foil on our dielectric. You’re going to find that layer of that is the first layer of oil just going to pull that back he’s just want to do this. Then take your paradise or your cutters and just make just a small little niche and then from that point on you can actually take this and just unwrap it and it will uncoil all the way around so you end up with just a piece of foil.You’re going to take your thumb and just fall back that second layer of wire mesh. You do not want to cut this off. This is what is used for the structural support for the actual connector and this is what gives the cables rigidity. They’re just going to wail it lay them down and for this particular demonstration we’re going to go ahead and use our strippers with this optional flaring tool. just push in with a slight twisting motion once this has been accomplished since we will simply work it back off and all that does is put a slight gap in the best coaxial cable for long runs. Next you’re going to take your rg6 universal connector and you’re going to simply slide this on except the common misconception is what one of the wrongs look like is when it shows.The crescent moon or part of this dielectric is cut off what you want to do is from your standpoint when you go to put this on you want to look at it and make sure you have a full moon or full circle from within the actual connector. Once you do that it actually is simply just snaps right on you. just give it a slight little work to make sure to not over push but it simply slides right on with almost no effort at all and once in position.You’ll see that the actual dielectric in your white center is actually flush with the inside connecting you. Then take your crimping tool and simply place it inside the actual crimping tool and you’re going to give that a squeeze and you have made your first connect connection if you look closely. You have about one sixteenth of an inch just above the actual tip of the actual connector rule of thumb if you can run your finger or thumb over the top and barely feel the top. You’re good to go if this is your transmit side.You’re going to want to take some electrical tape and simply put a little bit around know now that this is done. This is a demonstration for outdoor. You’re just going to pull your boot back forward and this will go on what’s your connection has been put on place. We’re going to go ahead and move to our indoor again if you’re. If the best coaxial cable for long runs is an old cable you’re not familiar with this end, go ahead and cut that off so you know you have a nice flash bus base. You’re going to take your strippers place those on and you’re simply going to give it a good three or four times remove that and then remove you’re in peace your first quarter inch and then your second quarter inch with the romaine.You’re going to thumb this back making sure to keep that wire mesh as it does provide the rigidity for the actual connector. Once you have pressed it on once you have that first layer back. You’re just going to thumb and pull back that second layer of wire mesh and just make sure it’s evenly distributed and pulled back the flaring tool is optional. It does help some people. Some people not so well if you don’t like to use a flaring tool.When you’re going in this particular step just kind of use your thumb and pull back and this serves as the same function as if you were to use a flaring tool. When finished simply going to fold down, your wire mesh ensuring that you don’t have any wire or dielectric at your center court. Here you’re going to take your rg6 universal connector here and are going to go ahead and place this. on the end you just want to look at it directly head on and look down through the center of that connector and make sure you have a full moon and it’s going to snap right on their alright. so once you have your rg6 connector actually popping on then you’re just going to go ahead and push that down it doesn’t take much force you just want to be careful not to over push.We’re simply trying to get that dielectric flush all right. Once we have the dielectric flush on the inside connector, we’re going to go ahead and take our crimpers place this inside and clamp that down and again. We have that sixteenth of an inch. You can barely feel over the top there and the reason. This is important and I stress that you want to look at it directly and get that nice full moon.When you’re going to put that connector on is that is what makes the best coaxial cable for long runs easy to put on a lot of people will try to simply blindly take a connector and from the side place it on and they just start trying to wrench it on the problem with that is that it says the cut in that Center dielectric causing you a much harder time to get that on an improper placement of your connector. so once you’re done with your coax if this is say your transmit side, you’re going to want to take a an electrical tape or a zip tie or something and you’re simply going to mark to ensure that is known what sign is your transmitted. This is a better representation of an outdoor connector with your rubber boot and indoor connector and I can close this destruction.

How to Crimp F Connector to RG59 Coax Cable

The first thing I’m going to do this. I’m going to grab my RG-59 cable and I’m going to use a TL-22 cable stripper and insert it into the side labeled cable.You want to insert the best coaxial cable to the exact length of the tool, so that’s about flush right there. That will give you the cuts in the exact location that you need, and the blades come adjusted from the factory at the exact height. Two full spins should be good.You’ll see two cuts in the cable. The first one strips away everything, just leaving the center core of the best coaxial cable. The second cut only cuts through the outer plastic jacket, leaving the copper-braided shield and the dielectric insulator.The next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to peel back all of the copper-braided shielding. You do not want any of this left touching the dielectric insulator and absolutely none of it touching the center core, so peel it all back. So the best coaxial cable is nice and clean like this. Then I’m going to grab the F connector.The dielectric insulator and the center core go into that center cylinder and then the copper braiding is on the outside like this. You’ll have to give this some good pushes and twists to get it all the way on. You basically want the dielectric insulator flush like that against the wall of the F connector. Make sure that’s flush. Its okay if the best coaxial cable is sticking out a little bit. You just don’t want it below there.Then I’m going to grab the TL-70 crimping tool and use the largest setting on it, which is .324″. I’m going to insert the F connector into the crimping tool and then firmly with both hands clamp down on it. It ratchets all the way and then when it’s all the way ratcheted it will release.Then you should have a nice snug F connector connection. Give it a couple of tugs just to confirm. Then last, this part’s optional. We’re going to use the best coaxial cable for a CCTV application so I’m going to add a BNC connector on top of the F connector. I’m using a screw-on BNC connector. Now I can connect this cable to a CCTV camera, DVR, or monitor.


The satellite cable TV companies don’t we still see in closer tennis in and some other occasions but a singers that what we use all the best coaxial cable for the same basic. She construction to them and they get there also involves. so they’re all interchangeable as well adjuster more lost so should one or better shielding is a case a large why’s that dual layer up oil and braised as he was it shi Liang and use that blows. You know certified air fares from you radio stations, TV stations or so other sources interfere.So let’s take a quick look at what the destruction of this war actually looks like. You’re not getting to the installation tips that you might want to follow. Here’s a close above the actual RTC’s cable. It will look at that heal itself wish driven prep for putting a connector on it. We need to do that to ship strip looked it up on a channel and UAL’s we will need to expose some others.I’ll center conductor rg6. This is good usually 18-gauge RT 59 usually like 2022 gauges. You have more Los. Osos is a conductor small but those against Coburg. I literally that and then we have a on the outside. Here our Jackie in a move that a jacket that exposes about the second conductor keenly which is these praying. You know how to do materials and amount to Brady is because covering in sixty percent forty percent pre then and that exposes of oil on underneath that him and the 40 blocks high frequency energy.The ratings are low frequency. But we’re in a transition say and we look at the will overlap so place was a continuous and she’ll always around cable. I find that and he let out my new in plot shield collects collectors. We need to remove this second layer of foil buying inside Katelyn and that exposes the bottom layer 0 operate that during the termination process. We would actually fall back as well again look into channel look at the termination techniques used on all the other connectors yeah and then we have others the next layer.The first player will on a bar next to the dow electric and again the same center conductor issue with fighting in rg6 and York 6:30 5936 water and all interchangeable guys are so many Bible cables will have to close up view the best coaxial cable itself again. We prefer to have a nice clean look and strip like this weather nothing on the center conductor and are a good clean looking strip.So Reno that in the next segment we’ll talk a little bit about how you actually install that wire service relationships. Welcome back this portion. Of course of blue I actually had installed the best coaxial cable that you couple through the walls and when you look at polling largest olive are worth pursuing.We gotta talk about is politicians or polish truth that you can actually apply to the wire again. If we throw our house away as the wires or obviously the same shaper you make the gauge wire. we have something abbreviated copper coated steel to talk about the full attention on that is 75 pounds force it can be applied to the cable Elise repetition measures this but this is where they were looking for you can you know you’re going too much and the other kinds we might have just a straight copper conductor and copper conductors 8836.The recommendation is 35 pass at Angeles Polaroid pictures okay. Now obviously rob the wire to walls, we’ve got to build around whatever so building raises are based on the size of the best coaxial cable so easily times eyes down to the Cape.The RTC is about a quarter inch in diameter for pulling the wires. We tell you no more than 20 times the diameter up the wire. So in an rg6 a plate II, their lives about five is loop force K and looking to get where we want. We can get doubt it and test it where we need to be or over his dressing. The cable that lets you get with 10 time dieter lose so what we will be addressed.Through cable up we can get down to make ten times diode yeah and that’s what   did there but she has been that game. Because he intended for receiver who are you messing with the Sony but also Peters the wire supposed to be now.We all have a little slack at the house because we cable might come in here returning something which old and probably it will reach 12 goes compression Cho SK although water tightness and no but the recommendations according to standard are that lead 8 to 12 inches slack it out. now we’re using up outlets here and putting out boxes in a low voltage does not require back boxes according to the National Water Co and as well as ones we like to use it the reason and lot of people take his eight to 12 inches work.What that up showed inside your box which is of course violating already been really is that we prefer not to do so up. Here’s a great one separation from power as I hear all kinds and percent. their recommendations is the only thing that is law you have to follow winners on Mar is of course the natural Africa in the EC states that to you live articles a hunter’s that he will state that it low voltage wires in general should be about two magesAway from any other type up power cable and so too is down it never crossed power wire lot to do that are how to ride a perpendicular occurs. Again these magnetic fields are crossing. Here we like to do front-running just wouldn’t want to run alongside.I’ll day power line for real long distances but again seize the longer Jewish cool. Now there are times when this is fine and you with the best game to give people with their route cables is far away get and if you get over relations by other folks like, there’s call a standard fire for residential wiring call 570 and it was just six in suggests.The best coaxial cable around whatever it might be, I think it’s funny looking a lot of local come out hope a story wall that already because it will now dress better. So they go out though ball for floors applies and ago also housing or so they come in the side. Of course it is right now that wireless at my house slipper preserve it in there course comes through.The wall anchors rate down to where probably baseball is going. we’re going to run is right along the base for  that you are not a great idea where yeah right that included on they form a great nation and rugged Highland Ave Fort Worth for door. Here we come to you to come up with and give you a proven. Did I have to do that work and a corset gotta stop it or Janet that proved it time. But you can see where this is going eventually Walker eventually get to an hour so place in this room.My cable could support that as things have gone over filling despite what we never have again for changes only 50 homes. The King real clearly talking to Katie romance tables and they will use for years and years. I would tell you that you can use a Rolex date was ordering careful. It doesn’t hit the wire. They hammered out the estate will sell it. don’t pitch a look ahead out to the wire with a stable but as a general rule if they don’t use more, we’ve got those plastic stables had no  moon was used should do a stable good  or you are using a device you love.This crew is fun too but there are other ways. Besides Roets tables, attached wires to with members building or cable ties are fine too. just make sure that your sis delivered a letter to the bubble and your cable tie it to something and it last properly with grounding systems in FL today that ground problems and build your walk call background yes and dangerous loose connections and I’m sure you’re outside and it was great while it.I’m not love that this cable system or satellite system might have to the well attached to and it was a very well day and only those that or go inside ten years connections out early near or look for corrosion and things like that there’s a lot of things that can cause background it was called by it bad video bank closes next month ago you go to ground all these wires as they enter the building and today we have several different have roundly bridges that might be utilized on the side of the home mortgage go up to their ground robs.

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