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It’s hard to find a printer manufacturer that does not offer an All-in-One printer. The benefits of owning one of these printers far outweigh the disadvantages. Long gone are the days of multiple machines sitting in the home or office taking up valuable space. In the beginning, All-in-One printers or specifically the best color laser printer for home use, were marketed to home and small businesses where space and expenses were limited, but now larger models are coming out with a multitude of conveniences for the larger business.


An All-in-One printer offers a high level of convenience that cuts costs for the consumer. For instance, one may not have purchased a separate fax machine. However, having an best color laser printer for home use with fax capabilities allows the user to send and receive faxes without the added expense or inconvenience of using a separate machine for that purpose. It also avoids the added cost of having to go to a completely separate business and pay them to send or receive a fax.
Scanning images can be done with ease. Printing the images is even easier as it is done with the same machine. No more using separate devices. It is less time consuming and more convenient. It’s user-friendly which means those who are not so tech-savvy can print their favorite pictures of friends and loved ones.

Save Space, Save Power

Space saving is something most people look for when purchasing a printer. The smaller All-in-Ones can sit right on a desk which makes the most of the office space especially when free space is limited. Even with the larger business models there is significant clutter reduction having one machine versus three or more.
What is more convenient than having one cord to run the entire printer? This adds to the beauty of having the best color laser printer for home use. There is no more tripping over cords, trying to tie them all together while keeping the aesthetics of clean office, or the fear of getting tangled in a rat’s nest. In addition to that, having only one cord saves on power.


Cost is a huge factor when it comes to these machines. The best color laser printer for home use are not as cheap as the traditional one function models but this can be ignored when considering how many more options are available. The cost is less when comparing the overall cost of purchasing three separate machines. There are no separate costs for each feature and money is saved by maintaining only one device versus multiple.

Brother MFC9130CW Wireless All-In-One Printer

best color laser printer for graphic designersThe Brother MFC9130CW wireless all-in-one color printer is one of the best choices if you own a small business and are looking for the best color laser printer for home use. This printer provides wireless networking and can be connected to several computers. It has a compact design and can be placed anywhere. Keeping a small business budget and small workspace in view this printer is hassle free and comes with multiple features. This printer uses digital LED printing technology and can print brilliant colors with maximum dpi of 600 x 2400. The colored printing is sharp. The ink does not fade or smudge which is just great. It gives an output of 19ppm in both black and color printing and copying. With this high output rate, printing or copying documents is no problem.
The MFC-9130FCW has one paper tray which has a capacity of holding 250 paper sheets which are very convenient for printing large documents. This paper tray is adjustable for holding cards or envelopes. With an internally built fax modem, you can use it to send and receive faxes too. This printer has auto document capacity up to 35 pages which are really convenient for faxing, copying or printing multi-page documents. This printer is ideal for small businesses which mainly require printing in black but also need a high-quality color printer from time to time. The crisp colors are in no way less in quality than any high-quality industrial color printer. It also helps in lowering the operating costs as it comes with a high capacity color toner.
The printer has a 3.7-inch touch screen color display. Users can easily navigate the menu and choose any option that they want. Users can also wirelessly connect the MFC-9130CW digital printer with internet and browse through Box, SkyDrive, Evernote, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook. This printer also connects to any mobile device through Wi-Fi Direct, Cortado Workplace, iPrint & Scan, Brother, Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. The wireless networking is very easy to install on any computer and there is also the option available to print by using a USB device. The Brother MFC9130CW wireless printer can also scan to a number of different networks and could locations. The quality of the scans is always high whether it is a text document or an image. All scans have sharp images with brilliant colors. It has a high resolution up to 19200 x 19200 dpi and has a variety of scan-to features.

Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer

Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One PrinterThe Canon Pixma line of the best color laser printer for home use offers a lot for their price. On the top of the list is the impressive performance and added features with the smooth, sleek design that make the Pixma an attractive machine. Most of the Canon Pixma printers are now featuring a touch-sensitive control panel that is easy to use. The controls light up to make things easier to read. The design of these machines is made to be simple to understand.
In addition to the touch panel, there are also other added features that come with a wide range of the Canon Pixma printer. Connecting the printer can be done by USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi to meet the needs of the user. Using devices to print documents or pictures has never been easier but it doesn’t stop there. Other options such as using a Memory Stick, SD Card, and USB drives are also available for a nice convenience.
Another convenience on recent Canon printers is the Wireless PictBridge feature with allows you to print wirelessly from a camera, however, this feature only works with certain Canon cameras. However, there are so many other options for printing like using Cloud and AirPrint. The only thing with AirPrint is that the printer and the device have to connect through a Wi-Fi access point on the network and not directly to each other.
Print speeds are always an issue when looking at printers but it really depends on how much printing will be done and for what purpose. If a machine only spits out 2.4 pages per minute (ppm) that might not be the best option for a business but it could work just fine for home use. A lot of the printers boasting speedier ppm often lack the luster of the finished product. The good news is Canon might use slower speeds in their machines but the Canon Pixma series has a great quality that makes up for these shortcomings. This means using the Pixma to print PowerPoint handouts or photos is a good option and more proof that the machine is multi-use.
With the easy setup, the good price, ease of use, and good quality there is no doubt the printers of today are only getting better. Wireless technology and All-in-One features make this a useful tool for home or office needs. Adding the capabilities of connecting to devices like an iPad bring about a convenience needed in today’s world.

Canon MG7720 Wireless All-In-One Printer

best color laser printer for graphic designersCanon’s wireless All-in-One printers offer a convenience that wasn’t there with the regular wired setup. With Wi-Fi connectivity sharing the printer is easy. Multiple users and multiple devices can be used to print from anywhere in the home or office. Free printing apps are available for smartphones and tablets to print necessary documents and photos. With the Apple AirPrint feature that is built into Apple devices, there is no lag in installing any software because the Apple device automatically detects the printer allowing you to get to your printing needs without waiting. The apps aren’t just for Apple products either. Android users can use free apps as well. It’s a great feature for everyone, not just the business professionals but for students and families alike.
Now, what if you don’t have access to a wireless network or a router? Canon has a solution for this problem. The MAXIFY line of printers supports Access Point Mode. That is a feature which creates an ad-hoc wireless network which allows the device and the printer to communicate with each other without the need for a router or wireless network. The user is then free to use the printing apps available on their device in the same way they would on the wireless network.
With all these features the best color laser printer for home use are able to keep up with the demands of the business and home office demands of productivity and versatility. The space saving design is key to making this happen. Not only are Canon’s printers sleek in their design but they cut the extra baggage of having wires strewn about with their wireless models. Their business quality, high-density inks produce sharper text with vivid colors when you need a document to stand out. The ink won’t fade over time either. They are marker and friction resistant so there’s no worry about how the end product will look. Everything is high quality.
Productivity is important to everyone. Tasks are made easy with multi-page scanning and copying. Double-sided printing is also available to lower paper consumption. Everything in Canon printers is made to be productive, fast, professional and cost-effective. Individually replaceable ink tanks and an option for 4-color multipack inks ensure cost-effective results which are great for the bottom line. There is no doubt printers have made a big step in recent times. Canon wireless All-in-One printers are helping pave the way.

Epson WorkForce 545 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

best color laser printer for labelsIf you are businessmen and printing, scanning, faxing and copying are the part of your daily life then Epson Workforce 545 All-in-one printer is certainly for you. It covers all these important features with the high printing speed of 15 ppm for black printing and 7.2 ppm for coloured printing. Its Ink droplet size is 2 picoliters which result in highly precise images. The printing resolution is 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi.
The WF 545 printer allows you to control it through your iPhone, tablets, other smartphones and iPads as it is accompanied with a Wi-Fi (Wireless) and Ethernet (Wired) support. It also supports other connectivity options like USB 2.0, Apple AirPrint™, Google Cloud Print™ and iPrint. It also possesses memory card support. It works with various operating systems such as Windows 8/7, Windows XP, Windows vista and Mac OS.
You can copy in Epson 545 with the speed of 12 cpm2 in the case of black images and 5.5 cpm2 in the case of coloured images. It has potential to copy 99 pages on a single command and its maximum copy size is 8.5″ x 14″. The optical resolution of this scanner is 2400 dpi and its hardware resolution is 2400 x 2400 dpi. The scanner installed in it is high-quality Colour flatbed / ADF which possesses a photo electric device called Colour CIS line sensor, the combination of these two makes it a great and fast scanner. It can scan 48-bit colour images and produces 24-bit colour images.
It also has a faxing facility and you can fax coloured as well as black and white images through it. The modem enclosed for the faxing is 33.6 kbps fast that mean it takes 3 seconds per page for faxing. The memory of faxing pages is about 180 pages.
The Epson Inkjet Printer has the capability to print on various kinds of pages such as photo glossy pages, Ultra-premium presentation pages, plain papers, photo quality adhesive papers etc. Its pages input tray can hold about 250 pages which save your time and energy as you do not need to reload papers again and again while doing a long task. You can refill or replace the ink you need anytime as it contains four separate ink cartridges of black, yellow, magenta and cyan colours. It uses DURABrite® Ultra pigment ink which is resistant from water, fading and smudge. This printer is available in the market with 1-year limited warranty.

Epson Expression XP-410 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer

best color laser printer for home useEpson XP-410 is an affordable printer and has all the three features that anyone would want to have in their home printer i.e. print, copy and scan. Not only can you print, but you can also make copies of the printed documents or scan them and save their digital image. The three in one quality makes it convenient for people to buy this printer for using at home. This printer is available in traditional black colour with beautiful design. One overwhelming feature of this printer is that it is Wi-Fi Certified which means you can connect this printer with your smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads which also allow you to print from anywhere at home. It also supports Google Cloud Print™ and Apple® AirPrint™ which it is occupied by latest and advanced technology. It also possesses USB 2.0 connectivity option and Bluetooth.
Another feature which represents the advancement of Epson Inkjet Printer is its touch panel for feeding in your commands of printing, scanning and copying with 2.5″ LCD. It can print black and white images and coloured images. Its ISO printing speed for black printing is 8.7 ppm and for colour printing, it is 4.5 ppm. Its maximum print resolution is 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi. This printer allows you to print customized and borderless images comfortably in many layouts. With Expression Home XP-410 you can copy any text or picture in the way you like, it means you can copy them in black and white colour as well as in its original colours. It’s a well integrated feature as many other printers only give black and white copies of your stuff. It allows copying pages of maximum 8.5″ x 11″ and it can give you 99 copies of the same page in a single command.
The best color laser printer for home use is accompanied with Colour Flatbed scanner which contains Colour CIS line sensor to give you quick and faultless results. It scans images in 48-bit colour and gives 24-bit output. The resolution of the scanner is up to 1200 dpi Optical and up to 10200 x 14040 dpi interpolated. This printer also possesses 100-sheet input tray which makes large printing tasks easier and quicker. It contains four individual ink cartridges 1 black, 1 cyan, 1 magenta and 1 yellow which allow you to replace only the colour you want. This printer is really easy to use because of its convenient touch panel and PC-free printing. It is available with 1-year warranty.

Bluetooth All-in-One Printer

Bluetooth is just one of the ways you can print without having to worry about messy and unsafe wires. Over the years, Bluetooth technology has become more popular when it comes to the printers we use. Some printers will come with the Bluetooth transceivers already installed and others will require an adapter. This might be a downfall for some as certain printers don’t come with the adaptor which makes it an added expense for the user. On the plus side, it’s just another way to avoid unsightly wires sticking out from the printer.

Bluetooth is simple to set up. It’s meant for small spaces with a limited amount of users as the range with this device is limited. The reason Bluetooth is used for printers rather than the Wi-Fi option is because the former is quick and seamless. The short-range networks have better power saving capabilities, small protocol stack, and a large data transfer for an inexpensive price. So attaching Bluetooth to something like a printer is a good choice. There is flexibility as well. Bluetooth printers have a range of about 32-feet (10-meters) and there’s no need for a direct line of sight between the printer and the device. There are no cables needed or IP configuration and there’s no need to waste time on a length network or printer set up. Everything is ready to print once the Bluetooth is connected.
There are some considerations to be aware of when choosing a Bluetooth printer:
  • The limited range while useful in some cases can be quite tedious in others. The longer the distance the more power is used which will essentially drain the battery of any device fairly quickly.
  • In order to print from a mobile device, you have to first find the printer on your device. Usually, this is quite easier to do but the downfall to this is allowing your device to be accessible to anyone in your vicinity. This can be a security issue, especially when handling sensitive material. However, there are ways to play it safe and make sure prying eyes aren’t looking at your device.
  • A Bluetooth printer is a great option for those wanting to avoid the hassle of computer wires and cables. Convenience is probably the most popular reason for using this technology as it is ideal for sharing simple files and printing all with the added bonus of being easy to use.

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