Dot-matrix printer can print draft quality |Best dot matrix printer reviews

Best dot matrix printer reviews: The best dot-matrix printer contains a print head of small pins that strike an inked ribbon or images. Print heads are available with 9, 18, or 24 pins, with the 24-pin head offering the best print quality. Dot-matrix printers can print draft quality, a coarser looking 72 dots per inch or near-letter-quality (NLQ), a crisper-looking 144 dots per inch vertically. Students and others find draft quality acceptable for doing drafts of papers and reports. They then usually switch to near-letter-quality when they are preparing a finished product to be shown to other people
Dot matrix printer

Dot-matrix printers are faster (150-300 characters per second) than daisy wheel printers and print graphics as well as text. Although not as noisy as daisy wheels, dot-matrix impact printers are still somewhat noisy. There is another type of impact printer that is not used with microcomputers. Computer installations use high-speed line printers which print a whole line of characters at once rather than a single character at a time. Some of these will be able to  print up to 3000 lines a minute. 

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