Best List of New iOS 9 Features Compatibility

Although Apple has been spotted testing, iOS 9 is still months away but that won’t stop us from making predictions and trying to see what Apple will include in their next major iOS revision. iOS 9 won’t be out for a while, the iOS 9 release date was to be June 2015. Now at the moment, we’ve got a good 5 months to go before we are even likely to see a preview of best ios 9 features compatibility, there is not much truth in any of these wanted features. However, with that being said, we can make some pretty confident predictions about iOS 9 feature list based on what Apple has provided in the past.


In this best ios 9 features compatibility roundup article, we have compiled all of your top answers for best features we want to see in iOS 9. These are not in any kind of order and are all of equal value.


iOS 9 Feature 1. Split Screen Multitasking.

It genuinely makes sense to put the extra screen size to good use. Allow us to split apps into separate parts of the screen and increase productivity or content absorption. ReachApp, a Cydia tweak currently provides this feature on Jailbroken iOS 8 devices.


iOS 9 Feature 2. Guest Mode and User Profiles.

The iPhone is not a very share friendly device. If you want someone to use your device, they have full access into everything. Why not give us an option for guest mode to censor apps we don’t want the user seeing? Also user profiles for iPads makes sense, kids that share one device might make good use of this feature. GuestMode for iOS 8 is a tweak that allows this feature.


iOS 9 Feature 3. UI Color customization.

Apple certainly made a step in the right direction for iOS customization with iOS 8 but it’s not enough. At the very least, give us a way to set unique UI colors on iOS 9. The tweak I used was called ColorFlow and Dye is a useful one for coloring the UI.

iOS 9 Feature 4. Improved Text Manipulation.

The Copy and Paste system currently used on iOS 8 is terrible, let’s improve it. SwipeSelection is the best Cydia tweak I’ve used to manipulate text with. Take note from this tweak Apple.


iOS 9 Feature 5. Apple gave us the control center in iOS 8.

Now give us the option to customize what we want on it in iOS 9. Let us set custom toggles for features we need and remove the ones we don’t. Polus is the perfect Cydia tweak for this on iOS 8.


iOS 9 Feature 6. Night Mode.

Even at the lowest brightness setting, iOS 8 is still too bright at night time for reading. Let’s make a toggle for control center that transitions iOS into darkness. Eclipse 2 does this very neatly.


iOS 9 Feature 7. Home-Screen Widgets.

Why we don’t have these on the latest version is still a mystery to us. You made them for notifications Apple, now it’s time for the real deal. iWidgets has a wide selection of widgets for any jailbroken device.


iOS 9 Feature 8. Optimize iOS 9 File Size.

With iOS 8.2, Apple has shrunk the file system size by 500 MB. Let’s see this continued in iOS 9 by reducing the size of the OS if possible.


iOS 9 Feature 9. Ultra Power Saving Mode.

A feature I envy many android phones for, it would be nice to have this mode on an iPhone. One press of a button will transform your device into a power sipping life saver. Also a mode where your device turns off all radios and enhances battery charging for the most rapid charge in 30 minutes or so.


iOS 9 Feature 10. Ability To Set Default Apps.

We are given no choice in the matter of a default browser on iOS currently. It would be very nice to have a choice when it comes to selecting a default browser or default apps for any particular function.


iOS 9 Feature 11. Breathe New Life Into Siri.

Siri has not seen any improvements in a while. Give her a more human voice like Microsoft Cortana and an offline mode would be very much welcome.


iOS 9 Feature 12. iMessage Improvements.

Give iMessage the ability to choose between sending as SMS or iMessage on command. Also let us unsubscribe from a non iMessage group.


iOS 9 Feature 13. Give iPad a Calculator.

Please, there is no reason for not having one.


iOS 9 Feature 14. Group Facetime Calling.

A conference call with 4 people has been around forever on other services, let’s see it brought to iOS 9.


iOS 9 Feature 15. Improve Reachability.

An interesting concept with huge potential, Reachability is quite a disappointment as of now. MyReachability, Switchability, ReachTheNyanCat all give Reachability a better function on iOS 8.


iOS 9 Feature 16. Print Preview Screen.

Why this doesn’t exist yet for iPhones is a mystery. You literally have no idea how the text will look until it’s already printed.


iOS 9 Feature 17. Public Transport Directions.

Apple maps is behind in the game. An extremely useful feature for me over in Europe was Google Maps and it’s ability to use buses, trains and rail carts.


iOS 9 Feature 18. Search In Settings.

Settings receives new toggles every year and becomes more and more complex. A search function inside of settings could potentially save a lot of time in the long run.


iOS 9 Feature 19. Improve iOS 9 Security.

Lockscreen breaches are an almost monthly occurrence with iOS 8, try to ramp up the defense Apple.


iOS 9 Feature 20. Embrace Jailbreaking As a Good Thing.

It’s no secret that Apple picks and chooses what it wants to include in iOS from the many Cydia tweaks. Instead of shunning it, see it asa necessary evil and learn from it at the same time.


Extra Features:

iOS 9 Feature 21. Smart Unlock.

When in vicinity of your car or home, let bluetooth unlock your device.


iOS 9 Feature 22. Tap Screen To Wake.

A really neat feature found in many Android phones. Just tap on the screen to wake it and tap to kill it.


iOS 9 Feature 23. Ability To Hide Stock Applications.

A glitch exists for this in iOS 8 and it’s pretty cool. Not everybody needs newsstand or tips, it would be nice to remove these or hide them permanently.


iOS 9 Feature 24. Subfolders.

Folders inside of folders for the neat freaks. A glitch also exists for this in iOS 8 and people love it, let’s get on it Apple.

Although rumored, a February date is not set in stone and it’s not clear if the Apple Watch will be covered in addition to the 12-inch MacBook Air at the upcoming event. 
Apple has never responded to inquires of testing early firmwares or not, and it’s entirely possible this could be a ruse, to trick Google into believing devices are being tested on iOS 9. It also makes complete sense that Apple would be testing iOS 9 in early stages as there is about half a year to go until release. Before iOS 9 or even iOS 8.2 will be revealed, Apple is expected to launch iOS 8.1.3. iOS 8.1.3 will hopefully squash many bugs such as Bluetooth issues, WiFi lag and excessive battery drain. iOS 9 is clouded in mystery as of now, nobody really knows what to expect from this upcoming firmware.

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